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  1. You'll have great time. There were lots of group having just that kind of party on our cruise. Don't miss the 70's disco party in the atrium on the 1st night.
  2. I just wanted to share my thoughts on our June 28th 5 night cruise on the Enchantment of the Seas. I've posted this as a review and I'm posting here so I can answer any questions. Ship - As many have pointed out, the Enchantment of the Seas needs some serious maintenance. So much so, that it's not really maintenance anymore. The ship just needs a major dry dock for new paint and varnish. This did not in any way affect our cruise. In fact I really like this ship and its layout. I really hate seeing it so unloved by Royal, but a small ship like the Enchantment isn't the focus of the company. I wouldn't hesitate to book this ship again, but I would hesitate to bring first time cruisers that I was trying to convert to cruising. During our cruise, there were some issues with air conditioning. We were in 7168, an aft junior suite on the port side. The cabin was very warm when we got on the ship. I reported the problem and someone looked at it while we were out. The cabin then got cool enough to be comfortable, but the only time it was really cool was when it was cooler outside and raining. The hallway to our room remained very warm all cruise. Our room steward had just returned to the ship and was commenting on how warm it was. Most of the public areas were very warm when we boarded the ship. I wonder if some of the air conditioning had been turned off during turnaround. By the time we finished dinner, the public areas had cooled off. I really enjoy a full promenade deck on a ship and thought that EOTS had one. Unfortunately the bow portion of the promenade was blocked off. It obviously had been closed off for some time. But that left at least a 3/4 promenade until the 2nd day when the aft portion was blocked off, and then most of the port side was blocked. I was quite disappointed. I know that for most people this wouldn't be a problem, but then I wouldn't care if they closed the casino. Cabin - We were in 7168, an aft mini suite. I booked this cabin because we really like watching the wake and the more expansive views. We liked this cabin, but it is not for everyone. There was a lot of motion and vibration. DH said it was like being rocked to sleep, but I think many people would have problems getting to sleep in this cabin. The cabin is right over the Spotlight Lounge. I was concerned before the cruise that this might be a problem. It might be if the Spotlight was busy, but it's so rarely used that this wasn't a problem. Food - Our last cruise was on Carnival and we were not impressed. The food on the EOTS was much better. I though the food in the MDR was better than in the Windjammer. The service in the Windjammer was the best I've had in a buffet. We had lunch in the MDR on day because I wanted the Tutti Salad. It wasn't as good as I remember from the Mariner of the Seas. They were having problems running out of items. We had dinner in Chops which was good, but not fabulous, except for the Key Lime Pie which was just awful. The best dessert is actually a drink - the Red Velvet Cake, which tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry. We had the same problem on this cruise as we had on our previous Royal Caribbean cruise - the dining hours just don't work for us. Having dinner at 9:00 pm is not unusual for us, especially on vacation. We had one night where we ran up to the Windjammer at 8:55pm to make sure that we had dinner. I think the MDR should be open until 9:30 and the Windjammer until 11:00pm. Also I don't understand why the Windjammer is closed for so long in the afternoon. On port days we often come back hungry, and since Royal Caribbean doesn't have many choices for food at 4:30pm, they are easily overwhelmed by the crowds at that time. Entertainment - We enjoyed the shows and bands. We really liked the EOTS orchestra which did a couple of jazz sets in the atrium on the last day. We missed the first comedian and wished we had missed the second one. We loved the parade of flags on the last night. I just wish that we had gotten there earlier to get a better spot. I liked the way the atrium was used, but the other venues were often the wrong ones for the event. For example, Karaoke should be in the Spotlight lounge and trivia should be Boleros. You often need to get to activities early, because the space is too small for the activity. I did enjoy the trivia and won a highlighter. Ports - We were scheduled to stop at Costa Maya and Cozumel. We missed Costa Maya due to high winds. I've missed two ports on my 10 cruises - both times it was Costa Maya. I was really disappointed because I was looking forward to trying Maya Chan. However I was pleasantly surprised that as a consolation prize, we docked at 7:00pm in Cozumel. This meant that the shops and casino were closed that night, so I really appreciate that RC chose passenger satisfaction over profits. I really expected that we would just spend the extra time floating in the Caribbean until morning. Fellow Cruisers - There were a lot of large family groups on this cruise, including a wedding which added a nice touch. All in all, it was a good cruise. Our most recent cruise before this one was a 5 night cruise out of Galveston on Carnival, so this was a chance to compare the two. It really comes down to personal preference. For us Royal Caribbean is a better fit than Carnival.
  3. That's what I experienced on the last cruise. I think that they turned off some of the a\c to work on it during the turn around. We had dinner at Chops on the first night and it wasn't warm there. The ship was nice and cool the next day, except for the hallway leading to our cabin on deck 7 aft. Hopefully your cruise will be the same.
  4. So did you call them with concerns or did they call you? I’m assuming you were in an aft cabin since that’s where the issues seem to be.
  5. I’m sitting in the Spotlight Lounge waiting to leave the Enchantment of the Seas, so just a few quick thoughts. First, there is a problem with the a\c in aft of the ship on deck 7 and probably some other decks. It is not working at full capacity. The hallway is warm so that the available a\c is going to the cabins. If you have problem, report it. We did and our cabin got cooler. I think they are turning it off to work on it on turn around day, so it may be warm when you board. But our room was comfortable by 8:00 pm the first night. Secondly, the ship does need some serious upkeep and paint, especially on the outside. This didn’t interfere with us having a great cruise. If there was one thing I could change, it would be to have the dining open later. For us 9:00 pm is just too early to close down the buffet and the main dining room when we’re on vacation. All in all, it was a great cruise and I really like this ship.
  6. We are currently in an aft cabin on deck 7 port side. It was very warm in the cabin yesterday when we got on the ship. I reported it and someone came by while we were at dinner and fixed it. The cabin has been comfortable ever since. Also yesterday a lot of the public areas seemed warm. This may have just been because of so much of ship being open on turnover day and me being extra aware due to this thread. Today the temperature seems fine everywhere except the hallway to cabin, which is still a little warm. I’ve also had two follow ups to make sure our problem was resolved.
  7. Okay , so I get grumpy when I get hot. Things are really looking up now. The whole ship is cooler and our cabin is now at a comfortable level.
  8. All I can say - is do not book this ship.
  9. At this point most of the ship seems under air conditioned. Currently we’re in the teen center. The first really cool place we’ve found.
  10. In our cabin now - It’s cooler than outside, but not nearly as cool as I would like.
  11. We’re in Galveston, waiting to get on the Enchantment. We’re in an aft cabin on deck 7, so I’ll know soon if we have a problem.
  12. Thanks for the report. We're sailing on Friday and I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed the dining. We took the Carnival Valor for a 5 day cruise out of Galveston in March 2017 and weren't really happy with the food, except for the burgers.
  13. Thanks so much for posting these. I'll be on the Enchantment of the Seas later this month. We had been trying to decide which night to go to Chops and this was just what I needed.
  14. If you chose the Alaska cruise, I would recommend doing the one way from Vancouver. We did this starting with an extra day in Vancouver, then the cruise, followed by a week in Alaska. This insured that the scenery just kept getting more spectacular. For us, I think doing it in reverse would have been sort of a let down. The highlights of our trip were Glacier Bay on the cruise and Wrangle-St Elias National Park.
  15. I think the reason that this question hasn't really gotten any answers is because it's virtually impossible to forecast what the traffic will be like. Right now I don't think there are any major construction projects between Galveston and Hobby. There is on-going construction on I-45 near downtown Houston which is likely to impact travel time to Bush IAH airport. That being said, any construction that needs to be done is usually done on the week-ends to avoid disrupting weekday commuting. Lanes are usually closed down about 9:00pm on Friday and re-open in time for Monday morning. Often there is only 48 hour notice given, so it's difficult to guess what it will like months in advance.
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