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  1. We have sailed on the Harmony and Mariner out of Port Canaveral. I have a 14 year old son and he really liked RCL over Disney (we sailed on the Dream) because there was more activities that interested him and fewer screaming kids onboard. My wallet liked RCL better too! We booked an Eastern cruise, but ended up on a Western thanks to a hurricane. My boys love Coco Cay! There are plenty of places to hangout while he does the rides. I did the big slide once, but I’m claustrophobic so that was more than enough! We also went to the water park/zip line park in Costa Maya and they loved that too. At that park they have elevators to get you up to start of zip lines. There was a nice quiet pool you could hangout by while he did the slides here too (you can buy a cheaper ticket to exclude the slides/zip line too). We did an Island tour in Cozumel that I think they liked more than they would admit! We like the Mariner for short trips when we can’t be gone over a weekend. We have yet to get off the ship in Nassau and just enjoy a less crowded boat! While the ship is smaller than the Harmony, my family had plenty to do and enjoyed it just as much.
  2. I lifted & shifted from Sept 20 to Sept 21 and my travel agent has applied 2 price drops to my new reservation. I'm in the US.
  3. We L&S'ed our holiday cruise to 2021 back in June....
  4. Right after we got off our cruise on the Harmony, we booked a last minute Christmas trip on the Mariner. I really loved this ship! I thought the size was perfect! My kids had just as many things to do and it was super easy to navigate around. We booked another trip on her for September, but L&S to 2021 recently.
  5. Another option is to stay at the hotel at the airport and take the shuttle to the port. It is very easy to get to the port from MCO!
  6. I’m going with IT glitch! My 2 L&S cruises in 2021 are missing. I’m guessing they are fixing the no remaining balance issue that appeared yesterday.
  7. Also, Johnny Rockets is free for breakfast.
  8. My husband and son did this class on our last cruise. They really enjoyed it! It sells out, so you will want to book in advance and it took almost 2 hours. They said it was a great group of people and they came back very full! I took my other son to Johnny Rockets while they were gone because sushi is not his thing!
  9. I was able to switch from Independence of the Seas (Dec 20) to the Symphony of the Seas (Dec 21). I would push your TA to call again! In my case, I was on a Western and I was worried they were going to say Western + Perfect Day was not the same itinerary. They did allow it because I was on a 5 night right before the holiday sailings and in 21 I didn't have many options.
  10. There was a limit before the pandemic. If they think it is going to be crowded, they implement a return ticket process for some of the slides. They also started to add early entrance into the water park that you could purchase on board (I can’t remember the cost). When we first got into the park, they encourage you to ride the big slide while the line in short. We never had a problem with really long lines. The crowd thins out after lunch and then my kids rode the slides until their legs couldn’t climb the stairs anymore! We loved our cabana experience here too!
  11. I thought any time there is a price drop before final payment, you can call to get the price adjusted. That hasn't changed with CWC. I took the price adjustments in CWC for when the price drops after final payment. I have called numerous times to adjust my price before final payment.
  12. If you want the kids in a separate room, you have to be connecting, next door or across the hall. I don’t think they would allow the 1688/1388 combination. We were on the Mariner in two interior rooms in December with a 13 and 8 year old. I couldn’t get connecting rooms because we booked last minute. We are going back on this ship in 9/21 (pushed out from this year) and found the 2 BR suite was roughly the same price as 2 connecting balcony rooms. Our kids loved this ship!!
  13. I think South Beach is cheaper because it is farther away from everything. If you want a quiet place, this would be what I would choose.
  14. Thought it was interesting that 45% are taking refunds, 55% FCC. Millennials are asking for refunds, families (assume he meant Gen Xers) and Baby Boomers more likely to take the credit. Also mentioned that certain nationalities have higher propensity for refunds. Certainly doesn't sound like anything will start much before the 4th quarter. They don't want to begin sailings until their 4 pillar strategy can be implemented and that is still being worked out. Sounds like China will be first to resume, then maybe limited sailings in US to Coco Cay. Probably will use larger ships or amped ships which better support appropriate social distancing requirements. Analysts didn't seem thrilled that they are not seeking out more debt opportunities like competitors. Bookings for Q4 and 2021 are up, especially among loyalty guests. I'm sure L&S is the thing driving that! Doesn't sound like they are rushing to cut prices to fill ships.
  15. I submitted a screenshot of the L&S rules from the website and gave them copies of the original receipt and the new receipt. They did come back to me to confirm the cost of the new cruise and to make sure I didn't have any pending claims for the original sailing. I just emailed everything to them.
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