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  1. No, Carnival will not make any exceptions to this rule.
  2. They replaced all 4K Cabin French Doors in the last Dry Dock. They now have floor to ceiling windows.
  3. I prefer seasoned cruisers. That way they can tell me about when they started cruising how elegant it was. How you got a 5 cent piece of chocolate on your pillow, how you had to dress up each night and most importantly so they can tell me 15 or so times a meal about their Diamond status.
  4. I think it is time for Carnival to make it near impossible to remove the gratuities. I have read all of the excuses people give and I believe they are just looking for a reason to not tip: 1. The crew doesn't get the tips (do you really think that after all this time, we would not have heard this?0 2. I like to tip in cash (yeah, and I am sure you track down the laundry people and those at the Lido Buffet to tip them) 3. I think tipping should not be mandated 4. Insert another reason here: the crew doesn't speak English, I didn't get a chocolate on my pillow, I only got a
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