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  1. Thank you. Kinda like SW airline 24 hr check in...quick fingers gains upper hand! What time is on line check in available?
  2. Thank everyone for the reassurance. It is during the President's Week break for a majority of NY schools. I do have Pre check TSA security so that should be quicker than regular TSA security. Did Cortrans drop you off at your Flight terminal? Did you have a good experience and would you recommend over GoPort? I know GoPort has one drop off and you have to walk to your airline and that is a major con.
  3. We plan on using Cortran or GoPort to shuttle us back to MCO for our 12:55 pm flight. If we do the self Deembarkation between 7:30-8:30 will this allow us enough time to go through TSA pre-check and get to the gate with time to spare. The other option is to change our flight to 6:30, rent a car and do something in Orlando. Any thoughts?
  4. Godfrey Tours has good reviews. They do a tour a five hour tour for $32.
  5. We are inport from 9-4 and need to be on board by 3. Will this allow enough time to do the excursion on our own? Were you the only two with the guide? Did you run into many groups that slowed you down? Also, I am assuming everything is paid with cash. Did you tip the driver in addition to the $100?
  6. Our cruise is on the Breeze in Feb 2020. We will be in port 12-6pm. I am interested in taking the Ray, Conch and Reef snorkel tour at the Grand Turk port through Carnival. I hope to get the first time slot 12:15-2:45. Does the time frame include travel time or just actual excursion time? Will we be able to spend time on the beach after the excursion? What time does it start to get dark during Feburary? Also, if I purchase the excursion now and the price decreases (hoping for a black friday sale) will they adjust the price?
  7. Will Fun Times alert you if the pools, slides and other activities will be open?
  8. If the line is long at guest services can you apply gift cards to your account at kiosks (specifically on the Breeze)?
  9. Has anyone brought an additional 12 pack of pop at the San Juan port? This will be our third port stop and day 5. We will most likely need more by this day. I heard that there is a CVS nearby and would love to restock if we can. TIA!
  10. I never read anything about straight up alcohol, like Baileys or an after dinner Liqueur? Are those priced the same as mixed drinks?
  11. Did a mock order and the delivery fees are outrageous! 12 pk water delivery fee add $0.81 added Skyy Vodka Delivery fee jumps to $14.31 added Malibu Rum delivery fee jumps to $29.61 Quite the explotation of fees IMHO.
  12. Does the Bubbles package include soda in cans?
  13. My TA told me that any refunds would be in the form of a new gift card. However, do not dispose the gift cards until after you have cruised and have your invoice with zero pmt confirmation. In case there are any issues with your account you will have the gift card account number on hand.
  14. That is so sweet. I bet you are smiling thinking about the spoons right now. And, your mother is also shining her smile down on you.
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