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  1. Carnival put significant financial investment, together with British Ports, into refurbishing facilities and expanding the capacity of Southampton, so I doubt if Cunard will move to a different home port for the UK based ships. Assume Cunard have favourable berthing rights at Southampton. Port Tyne (Newcastle) facility has 2 berths and can handle liners with LOA length up to 300 M (985 ft) and maximum passenger capacity is 2000, so this would exclude the QM2 (LOA 345M, max 2,695 passengers) and would just about accommodate the QE and QV. Liverpool has much better capacity, but not the global transport links, and is also further from Hamburg and the very popular weekend / transatlantic extensions. However it would be nice if Cunard did more Liverpool calls.
  2. To be honest this whole discussion seems pretty futile, started by the opening post. How can anyone here possibly know when the over 70’s will be allowed to cruise again? (Most are already able to). I done know when I’m going to be allowed to return to work, or go for a meal in a restaurant. We don’t even know when the UK Prime minister will be fully back in office! What pointless question to ask at this stage.
  3. Well based on today's price I have made approx 48% return in 3 business days. That said it is very early days yet. I bought the shares as a long term investment and do hope to benefit from the shareholder on board credit in the future.
  4. I bought 1000 shares today at £6.16, USD equivalent $7.60
  5. I think you were certainly right there!
  6. Singapore Ministry of Health has stepped up the Singapore risk assessment from yellow to amber. We got an email this morning instructing all employees to work from home starting Monday until further notice.
  7. I spoke to our finance team in Singapore this morning for our weekly team meeting. They are very worried about the virus and the number of visitors passing through Singapore. They told me thy hope all cruises calling at Singapore get cancelled to help avoid transferring the virus in.
  8. Based on the current situation I would not travel to Hong Kong either, or take a cruise in the region, even from Singapore. Cruiseluvva, I asked my husband, who enjoys cruising in the region and the local food etc, the question last night "would you still take that Royal Caribbean cruise we were had booked for mid Feb from Singapore to Hong Kong"? Answer "Are you crazy? No way! I'm not travelling anyway the region for at least 6 months"
  9. I think the danger with this virus is that it is a new strain , most likely passed initially passed from animal to human, and so difficult to assess how it will progress. It seems to show mild symptoms is some people and serious respiratory symptoms, similar to SARS, in others. We have travelled in China and Asia a lot for work and cruises - we were actually booked on the Quantum of the seas Singapore to Hong Kong leaving on 15th February, but had to cancel last year due to work commitments. To be honest I would not want to be on a mass market cruise that does short China cruises or leaving from a mainland China port right now. However, right or wrong, I would probably be OK with Cunard, HAL etc. on a longer Singapore/ Vietnam / Hong Kong itinerary not calling at mainland China ports. The most worrying part will probable be the airport - particularly Hong Kong. I would not want to do a city break in Hong Kong at the moment either, based on feedback from work colleagues there.
  10. Interesting - thanks. I missed the Le Havre stops - they didn't show up on the map I was looking at!
  11. There are four eight night transatlantics on the QM2 to/from NY and STN showing for booking - 3 westbound 1 eastbound - from 2020 to 2022. Does anyone know why this is?
  12. Hope you are going to continue with your review - I was really enjoying your review style which is very engaging and informative.
  13. Looking at the marine weather charts I think you will have some fairly lumpy seas through to Monday night when the swell should start to reduce. It would have been the same on the southern route as there is an area of turbulence covering the Atlantic at the moment that you would have to pass through on either route.
  14. Chelsea1

    QM2 Captain

    Does anyone know who is the current Captain of the QM2 and for the October 2019 transatlantic NYC to HAM??
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