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  1. Thanks for the feedback, I looked at both NCL and MSC, and MSC is certainly cheaper for the Yacht Club than Haven. It's interesting though, most of the MSC suites are sold, but virtually all the Haven suites are available for the same weeks. Is this the NCL bidding thing - everyone booking a balcony, or whatever, and then waiting for the bidding to start? Does this change the Haven atmosphere, having everyone on an ebay style bidding system? I'm not being rude - I'll do the same if thats the way it works - but on most cruises I've booked the the suites sell out early.
  2. So now that the Encore Inaugural Miami Cruise (17 November 2019) has been cancelled, I need to find an alternative. This cruise fitted perfectly with dates, coming from the UK (9+ hour flight) and length - also fitting in with a work visit. I was also really excited about a brand new ship, versus the ports on the occasion. We (husband and I) want to do something different from the ships sailing from the UK and enjoy the American style cruises. Having sailed with RCI, Princess and HAL before in Asia/Canada and a Transatlantic, we would prefer to try something different - the experience this time being the ship. We really enjoyed a short cruise on Disney, but not sure I would want to do a longer Disney cruise. The best alternatives seem to be from Miami: MSC Seaside, Carnival Horizon, or NCL Breakaway. Departure dates must be beteen 9 and 18 November for 7-9 nights. Not too bothered by the ports, but we do like a good variety of dining (not all gormet) and flexible times (on HAL virtually everything shut at 8.30PM!), evening entertainment - music, show , variety of lively bars, Casino on a few nights. During the day if possible a cinema/film and somewhere quiet and shady outside - we are too fair for much sunbathing, but do like to see what is happening around the pools and sports areas and then retreat to the shade. Have not done a Caribbean cruise before, other than the 3 night Disney, so would appreciate ideas from regular cruisers here. Price-wise, as it is a long haul trip, Suite/Haven class is the benchmark with drinks package included. I do qualify for a 15% discount from NCL if booked by 20th February due to their cancellation (after I manage to retrieve the $300 they charged me for "my" cancellation:)) Thanks for ideas.
  3. Coming from the UK and knowing "Which" - the consumer association who carried out the survey - I would guess that the target population is rather limited - probably UK only, aged 50+. While I just fall into that bracket, I would generally far rather cruise with the 5 "Worst" cruise lines (with the exception of Cruise and Maritime), than the 5 "Best" (with the possible exception of Viking).
  4. I was booked on the 17 November Encore cruise from Miami that has been cancelled. I booked direct with NCL and the refund notice has just come through, minus £270 (approx. $300) cancellation fee. Is it normal to be charged a cancellation fee when NCL cancel?
  5. As I said on one of the other threads on this topic, the prices are actually higher for Champagne and Grey Goose,and probably the other $27+ wines, than they are in the American Bar in the Savoy Hotel, London - consistently voted one of the top bars in the world. The same champage was $12.50 on Holland America in November and included in the $15 Elite pakage limit. $29.95 for a glass of basic champagne is truly unbelievable.
  6. Price of a glass of Nicolas Feuillatte NV Champagne - $12.50 on HAL in November and $29.95 on NCL new January menu posted on the UBP price thread.
  7. The prices for a much better quality glass of Champagne, and Grey Goose, are cheaper at The American Bar at the Savoy Hotel, London than this NCL list and that is voted one of the best bars in the World.
  8. If you like a glass of champagne there is a lot to worry about with the UBP!
  9. $29.95 for a glass of Nicolas F champagne is truly absurd. That was less than the $15 package limit on a different cruise line in November.
  10. Thanks for that - I thought that might be the case. Was wondering if it would be possible to do the previous Bermuda cruise and the carry on to Miami, but I guess not!
  11. The Escape in repositioning from New York to Miami in Nov 2019. Does anyone know if there is a repositioning cruise - I cannot see anything available to book. Thanks!
  12. Is the Indian selection pretty much the same on all ships or does anyone have a favourite ship for it's Indian selection?
  13. What is the issue that NCL has with water? I completely understand limits on bringing wine/ hard alcohol completely, but water, or a half drunk bottle of water in port? We just finished a Holland America Asia cruise, with strict limits on bringing alcohol on board, but unlimited water could be carried on and Evian included in the drinks package and available as a package to pre-purchase. Same on Princess and Celebrity. Cunard – mineral water unlimited to bring on board. NCL does not even seem to offer a proper mineral water package, only Aquafina and Dasani.
  14. We just disembarked the Westerdam on Tuesday and had the unlimited internet data plan for 15 nights - it was $219 on board for 15 nights. Originally we thought it was capped with a data limit, but checked with the Digital Room and Guest Services who both confirmed unlimited. It was by far the best interet we have had on any ship so far. A bit slow during peak times on sea days, but generally fast with no difficulty connecting. You can stay logged in the whole time, but only on one device at a time. It was really worth having.
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