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  1. I did learn that I can dredge and bread a protein, then refrigerate it and cook it later. But in general, just hanging out with Chef Steff (former assistant to Julia Child and Jacques Pepin himself!) was awesome all by itself. We adored her.
  2. My sister and I did the “If It Swims” cooking class on Marina last week and it was fantastic! Kathy mentioned that she wished she had done every cooking class they offered, and I wondered if anyone here had a favorite class. I would love a pastry class, if they offered one.
  3. We were on Marina last week, and my mother pointed out how difficult it can be to extract oneself from some of the chairs in Martini’s. She is hoping that they are replaced, although I didn’t notice a problem with them. That’s the benefit of being 50 instead of 78, clearly, but I hope everyone would be comfortable on the ship, no matter her age.
  4. Though I’m not sensitive to gluten, I did try one of the gluten-free sandwiches at afternoon tea while on Marina last week. It was appalling, completely lacking in taste. I’ve never had gluten-free anything (to my knowledge) before this, but it really looked yummy. I would have thought that if anyone could make gluten-free taste good, it would be Oceania. Since this was my only experience with gluten-free, I am no reliable judge, but I sincerely hope that not all gluten-free products are as tasteless.
  5. We are doing the shorter version of this cruise in a few days, and I LOVE the idea of the Stralsund visit. I am going to see if my family are interested in doing this; we have nothing planned at all for Germany, particularly since my parents visit there so frequently. I'm delighted that you mentioned this. Thanks! I'm also rather envious that you are doing the Fringe Fest. I have cousins who live on the Royal Mile and I NEVER think to take advantage, I mean, visit them during August when all the awesome things are happening. 😉 They are probably just as happy that their freeloading American cousin hasn't turned up, lol. Anyway, have a great time!
  6. Thanks to everyone for this info. I'm perfectly happy with Grey Goose, but some of these look really intriguing. Does anyone recommend any one of these in particular? Or will I be forced to try them all? What a terrible dilemma!
  7. Hi there! Heading to Sweden to board Marina in early July, and my sister and I are wondering what the cost of s Cosmopolitan will be. Can anyone tell me? Thanks so much.
  8. Roads are not safe from what I’ve seen on news reports. Definitely would pick a ship excursion or probably just stay on the ship. Hard to justify leaving the lap of luxury when there’s another port in a day or so.
  9. Thank you!! I appreciate your response.
  10. This is the only comment I've seen so far about how the water system tastes. I would like very much to know what other opinions are.
  11. Getting back to the water...has it improved or is O still giving out plastic bottles of water?
  12. Our Marina cruise begins July 4th in Stockholm this summer, so I can report back. It'll be too late, of course, but for future reference...
  13. I would love to be on a ship off Boston or NYC to see those Independence day fireworks. The idea of the crowds on land is pretty overwhelming, but I imagine it would be amazing to see from the top deck of a lovely ship.
  14. Whoa. Now that is absolutely fascinating. Thanks for sharing!
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