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  1. P.S. We are taking a Princess coach from Montparnasse train station in Paris on the day we depart, this is different from the pre-cruise hotel package and private car to the ship. I believe it costs $114 per person. The train would be cheaper, but since it's the day we are departing I prefer to take their coach service because of luggage and making it easy on ourselves. Princess does offer a transfer from Paris to the ship, but it's on the day of departure. You seem to be wanting to spend your pre-cruise days in LeHavre, so I'd suggest the train.
  2. I believe if you google 'Train from Charles DeGaulle airport to LeHavre, France./ you'll see prices start at 26 Euros...so it's much cheaper by train. Especially if you are not rushing to check in at the ship. If you can't catch the train at the airport, you can easily catch it from Montparnessse Train Station in Paris. Very inexpensive to LeHavre.
  3. Hello Hondo...I've been researching the same thing and have had no luck, as Princess doesn't have a contract with any hotel in Paris. Which make me wonder if they ever will because it's already less than 120 days to 2019. We are traveling in May, 2019. I recently visited Paris and loved staying the Germain district which is a ten minute walk to Notre Dame and the Seine...everything is close. There are several great hotels there. We are staying at Victoire & Germain. This hotel is also very near the train station at Montparnasse. So if no hotel is booked by Princess, I'll take a taxi with a fixed rate (@ 65 Euros) to my hotel and a short taxi to the train station for a transfer. This would be easy enough, but I do like the idea of being picked up at CGD taken to my hotel and then picked up at the hotel and taken to the ship. Please everyone share any info.
  4. It means "Designated Hitter" in my mind so I was stumped! Too much baseball!
  5. Jo Roy, I've been a broken record, but do you recall if they have a hot egg and bacon mufffin? Are you referring to a Princess Cruise, not sure what DH is? Thanks!
  6. Thanks Paul...that will do most of the time. If time allows I'll go to the dining room, but my wife and I in the morning are usually harried...especially night owl me!
  7. Thanks as long as something with eggs is there we are happy! Thought it was only pastries and cereal. :)
  8. So that is the question for me, does Princess cruise offer hot items for breakfast room service? This seems to be saying..no. Thanks!
  9. I don't think it offers eggs and bacon/ham/sausage...just pastries. Please tell me I'm wrong. :)
  10. More good tips. Love having a great breakfast, but I'm not exactly a morning person and something quick sounds good.
  11. This is good info because I'm trying to figure out a plan for getting some eggs early and taking them to our room. A omelette section in the buffet area sounds perfect.
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