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  1. For anyone cruising this week, how many NFL games were available on the ship on Sunday? Also, is the Washington - New York game available tonight?
  2. Last I heard no one was forced to fly any where. I just stated I wouldn’t fly into or out of Florida right now because there are too many people in this state who are not vaccinated. Personally I would not want to be in a place like a crowded airport that will have a significant number of people who aren’t vaccinated. We had plans this last weekend to fly to see our son, but we cancelled the trip because we didn’t want to risk being at a crowded airport. I know we are fortunate living in Florida that allows us to drive to 5 different ports in 4 hours or less.
  3. I wouldn’t worry about cruises out of Florida being “lax”. We have been on two RCI cruises recently. With the exception of being at home, being on a ship is the safest we have felt. The one thing I would worry about, and this may or may not apply to you, is getting on a plane. Personally there is no way I would fly into or out of a Florida airport right now.
  4. When we were on Mariner a few weeks ago there were crew members constantly reminding passengers to put on a mask when walking around. We saw this mainly on the Promenade and when leaving the Schooner Bar area. It didn’t matter if you had a drink with you or not. By constantly I mean we heard it several times a day, which really wasn’t too often. Most passengers wore masks when they were supposed to be wearing them.
  5. Has the Persian Garden been open on ships that have it?
  6. When we were on Adventure last month crew did exactly what you stated. However, when we were on Mariner last week you placed the cup on the machine and added ice yourself. The only thing the crew did was push the buttons to dispense what you wanted to drink.
  7. You could sit at the bars that were designated vaccinated only. For the bars that were open to everyone you had to sit at a table.
  8. That must be a recent change. When we were on Adventure last month and Mariner last week we didn’t have to upload a photo of our vaccine cards. However, we had to show our vaccine cards to 4 or 5 people at Port Canaveral during embarkation.
  9. We got off Mariner a few days ago. The majority of bars and theaters/lounges were designated vaccinated only and masks weren’t required even if you weren’t drinking or eating. It was better when we were on Adventure last month when you never had to wear a mask on the ship.
  10. I would pick Oasis. It has been recently updated (amped) and has a few more features than Harmony. Plus Oasis has a pool in the Solarium. However, I don’t think you can go wrong picking either ship.
  11. We were notified 3 days before our cruise on Adventure several weeks ago that our minimum bid for a JS was accepted.
  12. Starbucks is included if it is sold at an RCI “shop” like Cafe Promenade. For example, when we were on Adventure a few weeks ago, Starbucks was included in the drink package at Cafe Promenade. However, if the ship has a stand alone Starbucks shop (Navigator, for example), Starbucks is not included in the drink package.
  13. I don’t think it is glaring that she was vaccinated and still got fatally ill. None of the current vaccines available has a 100% efficacy rate.
  14. From my experience, CDs on Carnival ships are much more involved with providing entertainment, hosting events, etc. than other cruise lines. When cruising on Carnival we see the CD frequently during the cruise, while we have done cruises on RCI and Celebrity without ever seeing the CD even once during the cruise. My favorite Carnival CD is Mikey Gibson with Ben Lambert a close second.
  15. Hope you feel better soon and get to go on your cruise in September. We cruised on Adventure a few weeks ago. Waiting for the PCR test results was a very stressful 24 hours. Our next cruise is in September and we will definitely do the antigen test now that it is an option.
  16. Based on our experience they have been strictly enforcing the check-in times since restarting cruises this Summer. My guess is they will continue to strictly enforce check-in times for the forseeable future. The last thing RCI, or any cruise line for that matter, wants is a lot of people showing up to the terminal at the same time. While I agree with the OP that boarding at 3 PM is not ideal, personally I am happy just to be cruising again. While I am boarding ships later than I did pre-COVID, the new safety briefing process at least partially offsets the later boarding times since the ship doesn’t “shutdown” for the safety briefing like it did pre-COVID.
  17. Glad to hear the mask issue wasn’t a big deal. We were on the cruise before your cruise and didn’t have to wear masks the entire cruise. Interesting that the Solarium Bar was open during your cruise. It was closed our entire cruise. The best bartender during our cruise was Vladimir in the Schooner Bar. I wonder if he was the same bartender who worked in the Solarium Bar during your cruise.
  18. My general thought on this issue is if you ask the question more likely than not the answer is the deluxe beverage package is not for you. Of course a general response doesn’t cover every situation, but most people who drink know right away if the deluxe package is worth it or not.
  19. Enjoying your review so far. I find RCI’s pre-cruise planner very easy and simple to use. My guess is you are more familiar with NCL and Carnival planners while I am more familiar with RCI’s planner, so we are accustomed to the planner(s) we use the most.
  20. Your dates make no sense. Even if your story made sense, I still would continue to cruise on RCI.
  21. I am interested in reading feedback concerning having to wear masks on the ship. We were on Adventure a few weeks ago and didn’t have to wear a mask for the entire cruise. While having to wear a mask would not make me cancel a cruise (I know people who have already cancelled cruises because of the new mask policy), I am glad we didn’t have to wear them during our cruise. It was nice having some degree of normalcy, even though it only lasted 7 days.
  22. Not really an axe to grind, I am just not a fan of a lack of creativity, for lack of a better word. I think people should be creative enough to come up with new names, new movies, new TV shows, etc. instead of recycling old names, old movies, old shows, etc. I don’t have a gripe with Carnival, I just don’t have an interest in cruising with them any more. It’s probably more an age thing than anything else….i.e. my interests have changed as I have gotten older.
  23. I assume you realize all the cruise lines you mentioned fall under the Carnival Corporation.
  24. We just got off the Adventure yesterday and the most stressful part prior to the cruise was waiting 24 hours for the test results, which were both negative fortunately. While we weren’t too worried about being positive since we never go any place that is crowded, we still wear our masks when we are outside our house, etc., there is no guarantee you won’t catch this virus. To the OP, so sorry to hear about this. I hope you and your family recover quickly, glad to hear the symptoms are mild, and hopefully you will be able to cruise again soon.
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