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  1. You make a good point but I think you would be safe if you wanted to use it for gratuities. The only rule Carnival seems to consistently enforce, at least from my experience, is everyone over 21 in a cabin has to buy Cheers.
  2. That has been my experience too multiple times.
  3. The staff can range from very strict to pretty laid back. You have to keep in mind the staff on a ship is constantly changing, so there is no general rule that says ship X is strict while ship Y isn’t strict. The worst case I have seen first hand is a guy on Horizon who had his Cheers package revoked for the entire cruise on day one of the cruise (it was an 8 day cruise). Unfortunately for this guy he didn’t realize the beverage manager was behind the bar and he was caught red handed. Losing 7 plus days of Cheers is not a good way to start a cruise. I have also seen passengers not only lose Cheers, but lose the ability to buy any alcohol on a cruise several times. But these all involved passengers who drank way too much.
  4. Bonsai Tepppanyaki hasn’t always been a fixed price. In October of last year and March of this year the price varied depending on what you ordered.
  5. Maybe the referenced poster doesn’t start drinking until later in the day??? One thing I know I can say is a drink from the Alchemy Bar has never been my first drink of the day on any Carnival ship/cruise. BTW, we just got off Liberty this morning and ate at the Steakhouse last night. At most 1/3rd of the tables were seated while we were there, which is consistent with your experiences at steakhouses. Also, no one was at the bar in the Steakhouse, which sort of surprised us, since these bars can usually give the Alchemy Bar a run for the money, especially with the brands of alcohol they usually have there.
  6. The current one (at least on Liberty) also includes Truly, Wild Berry (I don’t like it but saw a lot of people drinking it on our last cruise) and Sangria Swirl (lime margarita mixed with red sangria).
  7. Thanks for the info! That’s definitely a change, for the better, since we were on Horizon in March.
  8. They still had lanyards on Liberty this weekend. Like the last poster mentioned, this is by far the longest they have given out the same gift, at least since we turned Platinum. I know a lot of people complain about the lanyards, but my only issue with them is they don’t have a clip on them, which makes buying things on the ship with your S&S card much easier.
  9. We got off Liberty this morning doing self-assist. When we got off the ship, there wasn’t any luggage in the terminal. The baggage handlers were just hanging around in the terminal and hadn’t begun moving luggage to the terminal.
  10. One other reason you need to pick a check-in time window is for when embarkation is delayed several hours for any number of reasons. When Carnival knows about this ahead of time, they will notify passengers to show up during their check-in window X hours later (for example, check-in times are pushed back 4 hours for everyone). Frequently when they do this they go strictly by the modified check-in windows and don’t offer priority boarding.
  11. Is that a recent change? When we were on Horizon earlier this year, the price you paid depended on what you ordered. I don’t recall exactly what we paid, but I know for us it was more expensive than the steakhouse.
  12. Alchemy Bar is the best bar on Carnival ships in my opinion. However, drinks can be subjective like food. We have cruised with friends before who didn’t like the bar, but that was because they weren’t fans of martinis and martini like drinks. We just got off Liberty this morning and spent between 4-5 hours at Alchemy every day (technically late afternoon and at night).
  13. Here’s my two cents opinion: 1. If I was choosing based on the ship I would pick Breeze. 2. If I was choosing based on ports I would pick Breeze. 3. If price was a big factor I would pick Vista.
  14. Like Saint Greg mentioned, Carnival doesn’t carry the networks that are broadcasting MLB playoffs. It’s likely the only way baseball playoff games will be available on ships is if the game is shown on ESPN Caribbean.
  15. I think the big lesson here is you can only get ripped off if you allow it to happen. I compare employees of Carnival spas to car salesman...they will tell you anything to get you to buy something and attempt to get things by you if you don’t pay attention. Just my personal opinion, but I politely say no thanks any time someone from the spa asks me if I am interested in some service. This happens a lot since we always book a Cloud 9 cabin on ships that have these cabins and we go to the thermal suite area every day.
  16. Breeze has a bunch of TVs at the casino bar, which are great for watching football IF you can tolerate the smoke.
  17. I can relate about no Strongbow. They stopped carrying Strongbow and Guinness at the same time a few years back. According to a couple of beverage managers I talked to, neither one of them sold very well so it’s unlikely either will be back. Bud Light Lime also didn’t sell well, which is why they got rid of it too less than a year ago.
  18. We have cruised out of Miami several times. Carnival has always used terminals D and E for these cruises. As previously mentioned, there are signs at the port that tell you which ship is at what terminal.
  19. I have cruised during Super Bowl week before on Carnival. The only day that was really different was the day of the Super Bowl when the game was shown on every TV on the ship to include the Lido deck and forward theater. Every other day of the cruise was like any other cruise day, depending on if it was a sea or port day.
  20. Just an FYI, Victory and Liberty are not sister ships. Victory is (or was) a Destiny class ship. Liberty is a Conquest class ship. While the layouts are similar, Conquest class ships are roughly 10,000 GT bigger.
  21. I have seen Caribbean Wheat on tap on Horizon, Victory, Liberty and Breeze. They also had it in cans on these ships.
  22. Just an FYI, Sunshine and Spirit callas ships have a pool in the Serenity area.
  23. If you are looking at Carnival ships I would go with Magic. But like Ishap stated, best ship is very subjective.
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