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  1. We've narrowed our excursions down as of last night. St. Thomas--Air Force One Package 1 Dominica--Bumpiing Tours Rouseau Valley Treasures Barbados--Silvermoon 24 person Cruise St. Lucia--Cosol St. Kitts--Still Open St. Maarten--Still Open I figure those last two days we'll just wing it depending on how exhausted we are. We've been to St. Maarten before and did Maho (airport) Beach so we might just hang out.
  2. I love seeing what everyone has done. With all of the ports, it's hard to narrow everything down. We head out this Sunday and still trying to get stuff planned. Keep those suggestions coming...
  3. cowman1999

    All things "Victory"

    I cruise out this coming Sunday and would like any last minute updates/secrets/things I can't miss per port. I think i'm going cross eyed from trying to read up on everyone's reviews. I just need someone to tell me what to do at each port. :) Thanks.
  4. On his website he has the half island tour at $40 per person and the full island tour as $80 per person. Do you know the differences between the two? Is the half island tour enough?
  5. cowman1999

    San Juan Confusion

    I'd also like to know. We are going on the Victory on May 23rd and plan on boarding as soon as we can. Is it easier to pack our smuggled beverages when we get on board the first time or when we reenter the 2nd time? We hope to board and then go explore San Juan for a while. And when do they do the muster drill? On past cruises it's when we are ready to head out, but that was always around 4:00pm, not 10:00pm. Thanks.
  6. cowman1999

    All things "Victory"

    [quote name='nathan_wv']Quick question about the deck plan for the Victory on Carnival's web site. We're booked on an interior room on the Empress Deck (7257 to be exact). It isn't listed as one where the beds can be connected to make a queen/king size bed....but it isn't listed as one where it can't be connected together either. Is there a way to find out for certain if we can have 1 queen/king sized bed? Or should I just call Carnival?[/quote] According to Carnival, any room with no symbols on it are 2 twin beds that can be converted into a King.
  7. cowman1999

    Victory room dilemma!?!!?

    So middle is good.. How about what deck? Is higher better for motion or just to be close to everything?
  8. cowman1999

    Victory room dilemma!?!!?

    Is that far forward bad? I figured I don't want the rear cause of engine noise. Would it be better to go down to Main deck and get in the middle?
  9. cowman1999

    Victory room dilemma!?!!?

    anybody?? I want to book today, but don't want to mess it up by getting a bad room... I normally use a TA when it's a big group of us, but it's just me and my lady this time.
  10. 6214,6215,6218,6219.... are these normal rooms? They're separated from the bunch so I want to make sure. Would those be better or worse than say 6260 or 6233? Thanks.
  11. cowman1999

    All things "Victory"

    [quote name='katiecat']6429 is a wheelchair room, with 2 twin on the floor which make a king bed & one upper bed.[/quote] \ what about 6418, 6415, etc..
  12. cowman1999

    All things "Victory"

    So looking at the deck plans on carnivals site, do I assume that rooms that don't have a symbol include king size beds or are they 2 twins that have to be pushed together?
  13. cowman1999

    Carnival Victory Room question

    So looking at the deck plans on carnivals site, do I assume that rooms that don't have a symbol include king size beds or are they 2 twins that have to be pushed together?
  14. cowman1999

    All things "Victory"

    Why is it sideways? How is the layout different? Worth getting over other Inside rooms? The elevator would be an issue...
  15. We are looking at the deck by deck map of all of the rooms for the Victory out of San Juan. I noticed rooms like 6429 which is situated sideways compared to all of the other rooms. What is the layout of these rooms? Are they "special" compared to the other basic inside rooms? I see it is essentially connected to the Elevators which would be a big turnoff. Anybody got pics?