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  1. No worries. They will find you. They make an extraordinary effort to walk up and down all the aisles multiple times to make contact with people who have their hands raised indicating they’ve not yet been checked. There is an army of credential checkers in the Muster Station. I found this to be the case on both Medallion and non Medallion Cruises.
  2. This will be a first for us. I wonder what the real world implications of this transfer will be? According to the Princess website, after our 7/25 Alaska cruise, she has only 13 more sailings scheduled through August and September ending up in Singapore on 9/24.
  3. Most if not all of the Owner’s suites I’ve observed on Princess ships are fully aft. Preferring the fully aft Penthouse Suites, we’ve never booked one. Just an observation.
  4. Interesting. We have one on her departing 7/2020.
  5. Have to agree. This is the reason Host CJSKIDS created the sticky thread in the first place.
  6. Excellent. Thanks for posting. Please keep us all in the loop on your experiences. Especially interested in knowing if the dropped connection issue persists and if the internet cafe folks have any ideas why this is happening to you.
  7. 1 for $3 or 2 for $5. Mass marketing 101. Gotta love it!! 🤣 Work a deal with the Discovery Channel to pay PCL to print their info on the insert cards then charge people "a nominal sum" to throw those away in favor of something else they might choose purchase. A while back someone posted some photos of them having made their own insert cards. Kinda clever. Now THAT really opens up some possibilities. I wonder who the censors are for that sort of thing? And to what standard are the homemade varieties judged? What about an NCL or RCCL logo? The possibilities are endless.
  8. Thanks for the wonderful review. We board her a week from today. 😀
  9. Agreed! Your wisdom and counsel here are both appreciated.
  10. Done! Just curious, are you a fellow "road warrior" or do you/did you work in commercial aviation? None of my business but only interested.
  11. Well, it is HIS cruise and HIS paradigm! We'll be part of the first group. Love OM and everything about it. Especially the MN component.
  12. Great plan. I agree and always take screen shots from OR to save in photo favorites on my phone (backup plan A). Then go to Personalizer and print boarding passes (backup plan B) to put in my folder of paperwork. Thus far never had to resort to either back up plan but my moto is better to have and not need than to need and not have. I went back to OR to look again to see if they enabled a way to print from the ap as is implied on the page. Like the OP observed, no way I could see to print it directly from the ap. The only work around I could find was to save to photos then print from photos. With all of that, seemed easier to me to print directly from the cruise personalizer.
  13. So sorry to hear. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  14. Other 3 billion. Fascinating piece of information. Thanks!!
  15. By OR "pass", do you mean your printed boarding pass? If so, don't believe your boarding pass will be available on OR. You'll need to go to your Cruise Personalizer for that.
  16. No Sir/Ma'am, It is not. Below is a photo showing how the insert card fits into the plastic holder. One is for their current Shark Week promotion. The other is their "standard" blue card. The actual OM device nests into the hole in the insert card. I suppose they could easily provide an insert card to match one's loyalty level but by doing so, they would be depriving themselves of a revenue opportunity.
  17. Fascinating information. I've certainly learned something this morning! Would you please provide a link to the source of this information so I can bookmark it?
  18. The insert card into which the OM device nests within the plastic case will be either blue or printed to match the promotion du jour. The ones we just received for next week's cruise are advertisements for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Of course, if you want the insert card to match your status, the kind folks at PCL will happily provide you (for a fee) any loyalty color you want or an insert card that speaks to your nationality, your orientation or any number of other preferences. Aren't they nice??!!
  19. Absolutely correct. Just show up. The only times we've ever had a delay in seating was when we requested a specific server and/or a specific table or section of the dining area. Even then, the delay was only a few minutes. The host suggested we go sit in the Piazza and he/she would come find us when our table was ready. Worked flawlessly. Call the DINE line to make a reservation on one of the specialty dining venues.
  20. A couple of months ago someone reported that this had been fixed and the system now has an audible tone to announce messages. Did you have a different experience? We'll be on the CB next week so very curious.
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