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  1. Had the key for an 8 night Eastern Caribbean itinerary on Adventure OTS leaving out of Port Everglades. We had our own security line and check in line (although we got there early so it didn't give us an advantage at the time). Lunch at Chops wasn't crowded and we were out within an hour. My husband planned to spend some quality time on the Flowrider and the extra hours were well worth it. Most of the times were split between him and one other person. Having the reserved spot in the Lyric wasn't really necessary for the most part but it was very handy for Studio B. We did have priority disembarkation at each of the ports even though we docked at the pier. Disembarkation at the end was pretty pointless going through terminal 29. We had an escort to get off the ship but then we were just with everyone else. Overall it was well worth it for us.
  2. Yep the app has all the menus. We leave in 10 days and the menus on the app are similar to the ones that have been posted recently.
  3. It seems like Barbary is worried about getting kicked to a different room because of a stellar bid?
  4. I don’t see it being a scam. Counting on it being available and you winning wouldn’t be wise if you needed more space. For us, we are more than fine with the room we have. If we do win with a bid that is cheaper than what it would be if we booked the bigger room, then that would equally be awesome.
  5. Rarely do I have pockets so I have a wallet iPhone case. There are spaces for cards and some cash. Has a wrist strap so it’s easy to carry around.
  6. The airport and the port are right next to each other so there’s nothing in between. I think the closest Walmart will be the one on Sunrise on the west side of 95.
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