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  1. oh yes, I do know DSC. Just as wonderful as the "free" drinks and dining packages. What a horrible experience for those people. How very sad.
  2. I heard a rumor that someone was kicked off the Escape last week. Did anyone hear anything about this? What normally happens when this occurs? I am curious. 🙂
  3. For example, all of the meat products (steak, bacon, chicken) were very fatty.... Probably half fat, half meat on average. One night my boyfriend ordered a steak in the Manhattan room and he said it was the fattiest and worst steak he has ever eaten.
  4. I wanted to give a review of the Escape, but don't have time to write out every single detail so I've narrowed it down to some pros and cons. To give you some background, I have been on RC and HA before, though it has been over 10 years since my last cruise. My boyfriend also cruised with Princess almost 20 years ago. Since it has been so many years, it would be unfair to compare those other cruises to this one. We had heard excellent things about NCL from people who sailed with them previously and decided to book with them, especially since we live so close to the NY port. Pros: The ship is impressive; An adult only area is available (Spice H20); Every cruise employee was friendly and eager to please; The room steward (Jerome) always had our room in great shape; A variety of food options available; It was nice having 3 days in one port (Bermuda); The self-debarkation was fast. Cons: Food was only a step above cafeteria food (I don't blame the chefs, but believe NCL purchases cheaper items to keep costs low. While I've eaten in high-end restaurants before, I also love a good Costco hotdog and Kraft mac and cheese and those items would have been better than what we ate.); Service was very slow in restaurants (wait staff was friendly and eager to please though-maybe the kitchen was far?); It is difficult to get reservations at the specialty restaurants (which often remained empty even when they said they were booked); Crowds were overwhelming (It was difficult to get around the ship at times. Elevators were impossible. The first day especially was unpleasant with so many lines and people crowding in different areas.). Overall, we had a great time together and in Bermuda, but found the cruise to be just okay. We probably wouldn't cruise NCL again unless they had some unbelievable deal available. As I mentioned earlier, other people have said great things about NCL, so maybe your experience will be different. Just wanted to give my 2 cents!
  5. Good to know the timing! I will keep that in mind and should be up to see it! Thanks!
  6. On one of the CC boards, I had read a tip to get into Vibe... If it is sold out when you get onboard, check the next day or two because some people may purchase it and then decide not to use it and get a refund. Good luck!!!
  7. Great idea! I have a forward room, closer to starboard side so maybe I can see it from my room? If not I will go up to the deck as suggested. I guess it depends on what time we sail into the city! I am usually up pretty early, so hopefully, I will be up early enough to catch it!
  8. Anyone have recommendations as to the best spot to stand on the Escape while it departs NYC? I want to make sure I can see it all without having to run back and forth. :)
  9. You should do whatever you need to to make your trip a fun and comfortable one! Like someone mentioned, as long as you aren't obnoxious about it, you have every right to use a scooter and anyone who gives you a problem is not very nice. You are going on vacation to please yourself, not others! Have a safe and fun trip!!!! :cool:
  10. Anyone know the cost of the different fitness classes offered on the Escape? I may work up the motivation to exercise while on the ship. ;p
  11. I wish!!! Doubt I will be that lucky! Here's hoping though!
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