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  1. It beggars belief, imagine getting them on your table for dinner select price and table for 2 will be the only option from now on
  2. Hi Wowzz I have seen these on Romford Market it is the well sort after Omega Groundhog day model
  3. No faint heart buying asap
  4. Same here Sue really disappointing was looking forward to this on Azura, 4th cruise cancelled this year March, June, Sept and now Oct me thinks someone is trying to tell me something.
  5. Hi Purdey16, from what they told me if you asked for a refund they return the clubcard vouchers to tesco who credit them to your account and refund the cash amount you paid. Also clubcard vouchers are X3 the value so £5 = £15 on cruise spend
  6. I noticed this on a well known travel agents website regarding refunds P&O - 60 days** ** If you are over 70 or your booking has been escalated, you can expect to receive your refund by Wednesday 20th May.
  7. Hi Selbourne, we are also in our 50's and arrived late to cruising, we have now done 9 with P and O, 1 Viking and 1 Seabourn. We enjoy the P and O experience especially the familiar crowd onboard but a couple of special offers drew us away to the other operators which was under £250 per night Viking on Orion and Seabourn Encore. It took a little bit of getting used to once onboard but both exceeded our expectations, it often felt that we were the only ones onboard. The food was fantastic especially of not was the buffet and outside eating area on Viking and
  8. The Ryanair 2017 pilot holiday farce shows how long peoples memories are.
  9. I was quoting what is on the webpage, things have changed quite a lot in the last week even if looking at a 10 day average which is a very strange number to be using, you would think a 7 day average would be more representative, still what do I know 😲
  10. I fully agree with Yorkshire Phil, well said. I have taken a FCC with P and O and re-booked I am also awaiting a refund from 2 TA's one for a significant amount. It is very frustrating but I am not going to give myself a heart attack winding myself and everyone else up about money I was happy to spend at the time. I will however pursue all reasonable options in a timely manner and make sure any learning translates into better selection of who I book with in the future.
  11. Hi CCFC my cruise with Princess in October on Crown Princess is cancelled received mail earlier 😭
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