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  1. I just sailed with HAL last month and both my sister and I each got a $250 beverage card. It was just easier to have the card so as to not see all thse small charges on our final bill. What I was most impressed with, was that HAL refunded the unused balance on the beverage card to us at the end of the trip. I was quite appreciative of that as I expected the card was more of a use it or lose it type thing, and we just over estimated as to how much we would spend on drinks. It was definitely a nice surprise seeing the credit for the unused balance on our statement.
  2. I started off with an appetizer of satay. We then shared a salmon and tuna sushi roll which was some of the best sushi I have ever had. For my entree, I had the special of the day which was a wok fried lobster tail over jasmine rice. Finished off with a dessert of Tamarind chocolate. This was one of the best Asian influenced meals I have ever had. Enjoy!
  3. I just returned from an Alaskan cruise on the MS Eurodam andwanted to share my thoughts. This wasonly my second cruise ever and my first with Holland America. The Eurodamdefinitely did not disappoint. I liked the fact that this is a mid-sized shipwith only about 2500 passengers. Theship is well decorated, clean and has many shared spaces for relaxing. We had a stateroom on the Verandah deck which wasspacious and comfortable, with a nice balcony for reading or just watching thebeautiful Alaskan landscape. Loved the fact that we could stream movies ondemand as it was a nice way to relax when returning to our room late in theevening after dinner and a show. Wefound the food served, both in the main dining room and Lido deck, to bedelicious with a great variety. Though the Lido deck was a bit overwhelmingfor lunch on our first visit the day of departure and at times could bedifficult to find seating near a window, we found it to be a convenient optionwith good food for a quick breakfast or lunch on those days when we wereentering port and had an early excursion. We only dined at one specialty restaurant,The Tamarind, and our meal there was outstanding. Their sushi was so incredibly fresh and theyoffered different Pan Asian entrees. Wewent there to celebrate a birthday and the staff could not have been moreattentive and friendly. Speaking of staff, the entire staff on the Eurodam wasfriendly, polite and made a concerted effort to accommodate you. We were always greeted with a smile and by ourfirst name both by our room steward and our dining room waiter. We did have coupleof issues on our first day. We had beenassigned to open dining when we had requested the 8 pm main dining room seatingand our stateroom was overlooked by our steward on the first night of sailing.Both issues were rectified and addressed in a short time period, though I wouldrecommend walking to the guest services desk to speak to someone in personabout a problem rather than calling. Ifound this to be a better way of explaining any issues so as to avoid anymiscommunication. We enjoyed the entertainment on the ship. Most shows on the main stage were verygood. Our favorite place to grab acocktail though was the billboard on board with the dueling pianos. The two musicians who performed were great. Theyhad beautiful voices and played a wide range of music. There was also the BBKing jazz club for music and dancing. We booked all of our excursions through Holland Americawhich all worked out well. For those who are contemplating that there may notenough time for the excursion to Butchart Gardens in Victoria or that it will turn dark too quickly, that is notthe case. This was one of our bestexcursions and the gardens are spectacular. You also have a chance to see some of the city on the drive to and fromthe gardens, and we had plenty of daylight for picture taking while there. Like most people, we arrived in Seattle a day prior to thecruise leaving. We had booked ourSeattle stay as well as our airport and ship transfers through Holland America. We stayed at the Fairmont Olympic and lovedit. The hotel has an old world charm and offers serene, spacious rooms and aluxurious bathroom. It was well located within walking distance to manyattractions. The best part was thatHolland America had representatives present at the hotel for us to check inwith on Saturday morning. They then tookus by coach bus directly to the pier. Itwas a great way to start our vacation. For those who have a late flight on the day the ship returnsto port, the Seattle Port Valet service was a great option. We had over six hours between disembarkingthe ship and our flight leaving, so it was nice to use the Port Valet serviceso we did not have to have our suitcases with us on that last day. Overall, I would definitely recommend Holland America andlook forward to sailing with them again. Alaska offers a spectacular landscape that I think can only beappreciated by seeing it in person.
  4. I just returned from an Alaska cruise on the Eurodam on Saturday. There are many options for after dinner entertainment. There is a show on the main stage at both 8 pm and 10 pm. Outside of the casino, they have billboards on board - a set of dualing pianos who did three s hows a night. These two piano players/singers were the best. We spend alot of nights here having cocktails and listening to their shows. The BB King club is another great option for music. And there are multiple lounge type bars to hang out in. I am same age as you and we were out past 11 most nights. Though I will warn you, most days we were up quite early so by Wednesday/Thursday night it begins to catch up with you. Have a great time! You will love the Eurodam and Alaska is spectacular!
  5. Thanks, we are leaving and returning from Seattle, with stops in Junea, Sitka, Ketchikan and Victoria. The HAL rep did not call it an inside passage cruise but from what I have read it seems like it may be. There seems to be alot online about what a true inside passage is. Seems when ships leave out of Seattle, they come out of Puget Sound, into the Srait of Juan de Fuca, into the Pacific, passing Vancouver Island and then into the Hectate Strait. Some people online so not consider this an inside passage. quote=Vict0riann;56742932]We always take some Gravol with us when we travel. Then we bring it home.:) Actually, if you mean to start taking it before the cruise begins, you might do that, then if the seas are calm, just discontinue taking it... Another PS, if you are only doing the Inside Passage, it probably will be calm except for a bit of open water (where? - near Juneau, I think). If you are going up all the way in the open water, it may be rougher.
  6. Hello, I have not been on a ship in over 30 years so I guess my nerves are getting the best of me. How have the waters been on the most recent Alaska cruises this week or last. Looking at the current weather, seems like the Juneau area has been getting a lot of rain. I'm sailing on Saturday and wondering if I should take something for motion sickness though most people say waters are normally relatively calm. Thanks
  7. I will be sailing on the MS Eurodam this coming Saturday. When we booked the cruise on the phone with the HAL rep, she had advised us that given we would be in Seattle from the previous day, we should get to the pier for 11- 11:30 so we could board the boat early, to settle in and have lunch. When I printed out some of my papers, I noticed it has a 1:30 pm boarding time for us. Is boarding times done by the type of room one has? We are staying in a Class V Verandah stateroom. Thanks
  8. Hello, sailing on the Eurodam this Saturday. When we originally booked the cruise, the HAL rep told us we could go down to the pier for like 11 to get on the boat early and relax, and have lunch. When I was speaking to another HAL rep a couple of weeks ago, I was advised we could get on at 1 pm. Were you able to board early because you had a Neptune Suite? We have a room on the Verandah deck.
  9. Hi All, Sailing to Alaska next week on the MS Eurodam. I have my layers packed but am debating whether or not it was necessary to pack a thinsulate jacket or if a fleece jacket and vest would be sufficient. Also have a rain jacket for wet weather. Some people I have spoken to mentioned that recently weather was warmer than expected and humid. Any thoughts? Thanks for your input.
  10. Thanks for your posting of the Eurodam. We will be traveling on it in a couple of weeks to Alaska as well. Can you offer an advise on how dressy people got for dinner? I understand it is not as formal on gala nights as people thing it is. Also, seems you had beautiful weather but what advise would you give with respect to how heavy of an outer layer we should bring. I really don't want to waste space in the suitcase on items we may never need. Thanks
  11. I beleive it is called Luggage Direct. It is the service in which they pick your luggage up from your door the night before,check it for you at the airport and you retrieve it at your final destination.
  12. We are taking an Alaska cruise on the MS Eurodam in the next couple of weeks, leaving and returning to Seattle. On the day we return, our flight back east does not leave until mid afternoon, so we have quite a few hours from when we get off the boat until we need to be at the airport. I understand HAL offers a service in which they will take your luggage, transport it and check it in at the airport for you. I am always skeptical about handing my bags off to another party but given the amount of free time we have that day, it would make it easier if we did not have our luggage to haul around. Has anyone ever used this service offered by HAL and if so, what was your experience? Do you think it is worth it? Thanks
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