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  1. It is so difficult when we lose part of our family. Never forgotten...our furry ones, are they?
  2. According to the ADA, the only two animals that qualify as service dogs are either: dogs or miniature horses. So there is no such thing as a service monkey. Maybe the people use him in that capacity, but they have no standing with the law.
  3. Actually, if I may bring up cost. While the cruise lines do not charge for the dog, there ARE expenses to bringing one on board, which people may not realize. First, usually I have to get an Import Certificate from the country(ies) That takes time, especially with the Bahamas. I tend to FAX it to them to cut down on time. For the Bahamas, dogs must now have the Cornavirus vaccine. Not that easy to find. Must have one shot, and then a booster one month later. Think it cost me like $60 for that. Then between 10 days and 48 hours before the cruise I have to have a vet visit for the International Health Certificate and a parasite exam. The cheapest that has ever been is $88. Usually more like $135. People also tend to think, "oh what fun it would be to bring my fluffy one on board". It actually is a lot of work. Which, to me is worth it because I need him. Countless walks to the relief area to make SURE. Bringing dog food. You cannot leave the dog in the cabin. So there are a few places I can't go. Some ports I don't want to take him off ship because of issues. (loose dogs, no where to go that would have dog friendly transport, etc.) Foot protection for the dog's paws on hot surfaces. Must take enough water. Being mindful of heat. Being always aware of things. I've had people literally run up to my dog and try to hug him. People asking me "what's wrong with you?" People can get really personal with that. (I have a few snappy replies if they get TOO obnoxious) Again, my dog's help is worth it to me. But it's not all fun and games as some tend to think.
  4. Yes, it bothers me greatly as bogus dogs make it harder for those who have properly trained and legitimate service dogs. All it takes is a dog getting aggressive with my dog to put him out of commission as a service dog. I know of a woman whose Seeing Eye Dog was attacked and ruined the dog for work. (do know the dog is now a treasured pet...but the woman REALLY needed the dog's services, the dog was her freedom and independence) Dogs urinating and defecating in public areas isn't good. Yes, accidents CAN happen but a good handler does all they can to ensure the dog is given LOTS of opportunities to go where they should. A misbehaving bogus dog gives the legitimate dogs a bad name as people think that's what most are like. I have had people become angry with me for not allowing my dog to be petted. I will say, however, I am finding more and more parents are teaching their children about "helper dogs" and that is a positive! I also cannot put all blame on the general public. Handlers themselves can create problems for themselves. I've seen some with a sense of entitlement and that bothers me just as much. There is a happy medium. Not that I am perfect, but I do try to think of others. Hence I'll never just walk into an elevator without asking if the people inside mind. I don't get offended if they don't want me to get on with him. While my dog is trained to behave in buffets and keeps his face/nose/body away from the food, I rarely go to one with him. On a cruise, many times the staff will get the food for me while I stand off a ways. Makes everyone happier and isn't a big deal to me. (and yes, I am sure to thank the crew member!) At dinner he goes under the table. Since I have to notify the cruise line WELL in advance I have my dog, I ask if I can be sat out of the way. I would never be offended if someone didn't want to sit at the same table. Still, I believe I have the right to eat dinner in the MDR as long as I do my part. And since EVERYONE asks where he goes. Plus various other photos. The last two photos are before I got the harness he now wears that helps him guide me to not walk into walls and things.
  5. Actually there is no law that requires the service dog to wear a vest. However, most do. The organization I received my service dog requires it. However, one can't say it's not a service dog if there is no vest. It is true that they are trained to urinate or defecate on command. I've cruised with my dog many times and he's never had an accident. As his handler, I make sure to give him the opportunity to use the relief box often. He's trained to be unobtrusive. I ask that people don't pet him for two reasons: 1. I can get hurt if he's distracted. 2. He knows he's working when his vest is on and I don't want him to think he can be social. I do have a command that I give him if he can be petted, but then it's only when I am sitting down, and even then in VERY rare circumstances.
  6. I have a service dog myself, and I totally agree with you. The dog needs to be properly trained. Accidents can happen, but one should NEVER just walk away and not clean up. There are requirements to be followed and the cruise lines do need to enforce them.
  7. Ah, that isn't true. I can't say to Royal but for Carnival and Disney you must go through Special Access department and qualify the dog. Paperwork has to be filled out. International Health Certificate with up-to-date vaccinations, as well as import certificates from various countries may also be required.
  8. Hello again... Regarding Carnival, if you call their Special Access Department they are very helpful. I note that I like a dining area that is sort of out of the way (without being in a yucky spot) They've always been helpful. I do bring a small piece of Astroturf as they use Purina Second Nature pellets. Jagger hates those.
  9. Disney is WONDERFUL with service dogs. I've been on 11 cruises, 3 of them with Jagger. I LOVE how they do the relief box area. Be sure to call or email Special Services. I deal with Chris often and he's just the best. Jagger loves Disney cruises. If you look him up on FB under: Jagger the Service Dog there are many photos of him on Disney Cruises. We just did one in January. specialservices@disneycruise.com Holly
  10. Yes, I have sat poolside. I don't let Jagger into the water of course, but poolside is just fine. Other than not really liking the relief boxes on Carnival, I have found them to be very accommodating.
  11. By the way, the Bahamas fax machine is broken. Someone I know called and they just said, "Try again next week".
  12. Yes. It doesn't make sense - but it worked. I have talked to them several times, including the Director of Vet Services there and they still insist on an ID. They don't seem to care what it looks like.... Ours is from our organization, but I know they make them themselves. It's only for our personal use as ID's are useless really. Except in the Bahama's eyes...
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