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  1. And it doesn't even do that. It makes it illegal for health information to be released BE A COVERED ENTITY without permission. Covered entities are medical providers, health insurers, and the like. NO OTHER ENTITIES ARE COVERED BY HIPAA. If I tell you my medical history for some reason, and you release it to the world, you did not violate HIPAA, because you are not a covered entity (unless you're a doctor or health insurer or other medical business). If a reporter releases health information, they did not violate HIPAA, because they are not covered by it. HIPAA is not s
  2. We were booked on this cruise in 2020, and made the final payment (mostly because we forgot not to and it was automatically charged), then shifted it to 2021. It is getting really annoying that Celebrity isn't updating what is happening with this sailing - primarily because we have to know whether to book flights back from the UK on August 15th, and those get more and more expensive as the date looms (and the refund/cancellation policies on flights aren't as extensive these days, although we'd probably be able to get credit). At this point we're kinda hoping Celebrity cancels for t
  3. He can say it, but it doesn't mean very much, because he has no control over the other countries those ships are going to, and everyone of THEM requires evidence of vaccination right now, so the cruise lines are going to request it. It would be like a governor saying that an airline leaving from an airport in their state can't check a passport for international travel. International travel falls under federal not state law.
  4. There is no way he can win on this point. Not because of US law but because all of the other countries the ship is going to are going to require that the cruise line have verified vaccination or they won't let the ship stop there. DeSantis can't control those other countries. Much like you needing to show proof of vaccination to get a visa to some countries, or to show your passport BEFORE you get on an international flight - not when you arrive in a foreign country - the cruise lines are going to have to collect vaccination information in order to sail or no other country will let
  5. This has varied from line to line - some have made exceptions for legitimate medical reasons, but I know many of the European lines have simply said "We're very sorry, you'll have to find another vacation to take." Now I expect that to be temporary - once it gets to the point where 99% (or whatever percentage) are vaccinated, the occasional person who legitimately cannot receive it is otherwise protected by that 99%. But in a situation where they're trying desperately to return to cruising? I don't think they'd be willing to take the chance.
  6. Here's the problem - it is easy to state that the state won't provide a vaccine "passport" to citizens and that businesses shouldn't require evidence of vaccination. But that is limited to the state. Many nations are requiring proof of vaccination in order to visit. Cruises will almost certainly require proof of vaccination to sail. Many of the cruise lines and nations of the world have stated flat-out that they don't care if someone has a medical or religious reason to not be vaccinated - no vaccine, no dice, period end. i could completely agree with such a thing perha
  7. Here we have a chicken and egg problem. We can't know that a cruise with fully vaccinated passengers and crew is safe without actually running some - or at least running the test cruises - and for understandable reasons many authorities are reluctant to give the OK to run them without knowing they are safe, which they can't know without running them, etc. ad nauseam. In the end, the only way we're going to get said data is to let them happen, with documented and defined protocols in place to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. I get that no one wants to be the one to give the
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