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  1. Omg I have a balcony, concierge cabin to be precise but we prefer midship not aft or forward. Therefore we will enjoy what we have.
  2. Perhaps if I had a larger cabin I’d do that too lol
  3. I think it's funny that this footstool is considered a perk. I booked concierge class and I had no idea it was included. lol Still, it would not have discouraged me from booking. I prefer to go out and about for breakfast or any meal. I rarely if ever stay in my tiny cabin. ;)
  4. Ok fair enough. So people shouldn’t take what others say as going overboard. Enough said. It gets tiresome defending one’s self.
  5. I was being sarcastic. People in here are basically saying it sucks by saying they've walked out of the theater. I plan on giving it a shot. Not everyone has the same taste. what I may enjoy, you might not. Going overboard is complaining about footstools and tiny tables and cancelling their cruise bc of it.
  6. Thanks, I agree with you about the ports.
  7. We will be fine. Not sure I can switch ships anyhow as our down payment is nonrefundable. But as I said we will be fine. Any day my husband is not working is a good day.
  8. Okay, I know the entertainment sucks on Celebrity. We will deal with it whatever the situation. We don't do night clubs so it's not like we need to be out dancing the night away, I read, read, read, read, read, about places I go to so I'm fully aware of what this ship is all about. I just mentioned I want to see those shows. It doesn't mean I expect it on Celebrity.
  9. I have read lots of reviews and made the decision regardless of the entertainment to go on the Equinox. I can relax and read a book. napping is not my thing. that's my husband's. The itinerary (Key West and Grand Caymans mostly) is the main reason we took the ship plus everyone we know telling us Celebrity is their favorite. P.s. I have no idea what D+ and E+ is. lol status doesn't matter to me or I'd cruise the same line every time.
  10. I know the entertainment is not on par. I have read a lot about this cruise and we are doing it for the itinerary and not much more. I got hurt on the anthem doing roller skating so I can forgo those types of things. Lol. If, though, this is not a luxury line then people need to stop talking like it is but that’s how it’s perceived when I read about it. We will have a good time despite it being a cruise with older ppl. We are 60 and 62 respectively but not mentally. Lo. We will be fine. It may be a one and done but it can’t be any worse than carnival elation. Lol
  11. That’s how my husband gets. I guess we better be sure we have plenty of Advil! Lol
  12. Oh, I wish but dCL is too pricy for me. Lol. Can’t justify their cost compared to others. 😑 Then again, the Haven spoiled us. 😊
  13. Wow, what do you cruise for? Lol entertainment is essential IMO. I can’t wait to see hairspray on royal and mamma Mia was awesome on Allure. I sure as hell hope EQUINOX isn’t going to be ho hum or my husband will never let me forget it. Lol our last cruise we were enjoying bumper cars. Granted I know this one is not like that but I don’t enjoy being bored either. Like I said, I’ve heard nothing but good things about celebrity so I hope it lives up to what little expectations I have. Not gonna get my hopes up too high so I don’t fall too far. Lol
  14. Oh my goodness. I’m so glad I don’t take a cruise for footstools and tables on the balcony. That is the least of our worries. We are spoiled by the entertainment on royal and I don’t think we will get the same on celebrity but everyone we talk to says celebrity is the best so we are giving it a shot. Thankfully we chose this ship for it’s good reviews and itinerary for our November 30th cruise.
  15. wouldn't that sort of be a mimosa? Worth a try!
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