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  1. My take having eaten in different ship Moderno's..Salad bar n soups are ok. Actual meats could taste better n hotter if seating at far end of diningroom. Twice meats were cold ! Not worth the $46 unless part of SDP or Platinum voucher.. Complaint of cold food ending in covered strawberries in room later that nite..
  2. escargot in Le Bistro. Surf n Turf in Cagneys & Bayamo
  3. Boy o Boy...just stating an experience from yrs ago before acquiring Liquor perk. At the time , it was stated " public places " and my cabin was not public... Never made a scene or raised my voice even after speaking with the Beverage mngr. I'm old school - show me . Sorry to upset some..
  4. TRUE STORY: had 2 bottles of wine in luggage. Never got my bag..Got notice to report to security office. Bag must have been scanned. Was told of corkage fee.. I'm a rebel... At the time was told any wine use onboard required corkage fee. Showed them their writting verbage " in public places"... My cabin was NOT a public venue. CASE CLOSED! received covered strawberries that evening.....
  5. Always balcony ..pull back curtains..open sliding door...just wished they all were bigger... NEGATIVE: when was the last time I used it..
  6. We have been using a PCC for our cruises. He books all SDP & platinum meals . Show seats are not reserved just the booking for show & times. Did a 4cabin 8people family cruise and he booked everything including tbs mdr's. They do come in handy..
  7. I have been using the same PCC for about 3 yrs & 5 cruises. I have 2 numbers for him. One to book new & anything else. He has always gotten back to me in reasonable time. Notifies me of changes or additional perks.I guess I lucked out.
  8. Been using the same PCC for 6 cruises. He originally helped with a family cruise & not the original booker!!! He earned his credibility with joining 4 cabins for all reservations. He does everything..I call. All set. Restaurants .shows. mdr's. all perks. Done.
  9. Last March cruise on Gem 11day. We missed St.Kitts & went to St.Maarten...Missed Antigua and ended up with xtra slow day at sea. Was told weather related..
  10. My GEM of a ship..Five times a charm. Just love the size , convienence of everything , simple , fun. Been to all specialties ( la cuccina not my favorite ) ( teppanakki becomes noisey ) but all adequate. Pool hogs are normal...shows are fine..casino and activities keep you busy. Will book again for March after I return in 3 weeks..lol P.S. I always do deck 9......
  11. Happens all the time and it will make you crazy. On my next cruise in 3 weeks , my pcc called a few weeks before and added a 4th perk to my already booked 3. Maybe after 7 bookings with him , he knew I would be calling him...
  12. Booked 2 excursions on line. Paid full price..... 3 weeks later my PCC added the " excursion perk " to my already existing perks. Called NCL. 2 $50.00 credits will be seen once excursion is taken. Call NCL again & booked 2 more port excursions with NO payments at all. When the bill is seen , 2 original $50 credits are seen and then 2 additional tours with the minus line of -$50 beneath the line. You are paying for the difference
  13. When you actually do your Edocs is where you register your card. When your son goes into HIS EDOC , just give him your card number. Your card number will be in his profile ..
  14. agreed most USB hubs have openings for 2/3 wires. Even adaptered one to charge my walkietalkies..
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