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  1. Cellagirl, thank you for your response! Which cruise did you do? Am I understanding correctly that your cruise had some markets, but wasn't just focused on markets? If so, that would be a good one for us!
  2. We are also looking at November for our next Ama cruise. On one of the boards I read a review of a Markets cruise that wasn't 100% focused on the Christmas shopping. I believe it was even mentioned that the first part of cruise started as usual cruise and they returned to the ship after excursions one day and the ship was decked out! Does anyone have an idea of which cruise that would be? My husband would be quite grateful! lol.
  3. We were very happy with the tours and the food- lunch was our favorite! Regional foods which we loved trying, a pasta option each day, fresh soups and breads, always fruit and cheese and salads. And a wonderful dessert bar. (Don't miss the fresh ice cream each day. OH MY! I miss it!) Of course the sit down dinner each night had several choices, as well. We were never hungry! 🙂 The tours were very interesting. If you do a search on here, there is a wonderful trip report done by a member with each day/tour detailed. I found it to be most helpful when planning. I lov
  4. Great choice! The AmaDouro is a beautiful ship. I always love to read about the Douro because there was very little information about it when we were planning our cruise- probably because it is a smaller ship on a smaller river. (As it turns out, this is one of the reasons why we ended up enjoying it so much. We got to know most everyone sailing and we made real friends that we keep in touch with). We sailed AmaDouro in June and we can't wait to do another! The Lisbon precruise was a great addition and we almost didn't do it but were so happy that we did. Happy to answer any questions!
  5. I have wondered the same. We were invited on our cruise and while I suspected it was thanks to our AMA rep, she didn't confirm (nor deny!) it when I asked! Curious if anyone else knows the protocol?
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