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  1. So, if they went this week 10/7, they will not got next week, but should go on 10/21? The notice we got said Kotor was cancelled on 10/13 and 10/20 sailings, but maybe we still have a chance as we are sailing on the 20th. We will keep our fingers crossed. They did cancel our excursions though. The email I received from our booking agent, states that for both the October 13 and 20th sailings, the stop in Kotor is canceled . Since it is the Port of Venice that controls the departures and arrivals, I would not think that anything would change. I had read in an earlier thread on this site as well as on the sister site Trip Advisor/Venice Forum, that all this is a result of the 'incident' in Venice between a large cruise liner and an excursion tourist boat. There is a lot of ship traffic there. So, the port authorities determined that they needed to slow down the traffic using what ever methods they are now using. Yes , it is a bummer that Kotor will not happen, however, but I think safety rules in this matter. Best to go with the flow... ! (no pun intended)
  2. Thanks! In another window (site was running slow) I finally found the link stating the policy . But thanks for re- affirming what I thought was the policy!
  3. IF I could have one final clarification .... (I am the OP).... If we find a bottle of wine in any of the ports that we visit, bring the wine back to the ship, for us to drink ONLY in the room (we always pack a wine bottle opener) is there still a $15.00 corkage fee? We would NOT take it to the dining room . IT would be ONLY for our consumption in our room using our wine bottle opener.
  4. While I know this is a sensitive subject on any forum and yes, several threads on cruise critic, trip advisor and other news sites are all over the board with accuracy , I was just wondering IF anyone has had first hand experience or knowledge with a change of terminals. The STAR is departing from Venice for a 7 day cruise - which is what we are on. I am not referring to the other ships that are only in port for the day.
  5. I saw this on the sister site - Trip Advisor Venice Forum. https://*****.com/yyujpm2m With those who are more familiar with the port there, how does this affect the sailing of the STAR? Thanks!
  6. That is a good idea, but, even though I travel with lots of baggies and bubble wrap, I think I will pass on bringing home wine! Although on one trip to Edinburgh I did pick up a nice bottle of scotch/whiskey and the furnished heavy duty cardboard container worked perfectly - no spillage. It was indeed the extra weight to our luggage to bring home the scotch!
  7. Thanks everyone for the replies. We really are not planning on bringing our own wine on board, but we thought if we did see a nice bottle in Croatia we would. It's not that big of a deal to us ... we are fine with drinking the wine the ship will provide in our beverage package.
  8. Oh - so they charge the onboard account the $15.00 corkage fee no matter what. Hmmm.... Thanks!
  9. I've done some google-ing, and it does appear we can bring onboard the STAR some wine or champagne . We embark from Venice. I also read that there is a corkage fee, but since we always bring along a wine opener (in checked luggage of course) we won't have that issue while in our cabin. Can anyone verify this -I just don't want to any issues upon embarkation. Thanks
  10. Can anyone give more info on the NCL app? I have the app on my phone, but when I access it I do not see any 'menu' where I could text. Does this occur only when on board? I would not need it to make dinner or show reservations. And, by 'texting' do you mean I could text people back home? We are on the STAR doing the Greek Islands late October. I will already have a 'wifi' hot spot that will furnish us with unlimited wifi while in various ports (we use this extensively while we are in Europe and are very pleased with speed) and the unit will work close to shore. I guess I am asking more about the texting application of the NCL app. Can anyone clarify this more? If I read the quote.. we have 250 minutes free, and that is 'worth' $109.00, and to upgrade it will cost only $30.00 ?? Clarifications, please. Thanks!
  11. @bssc... great idea! We normally pack tape, bubble wrap and plastic baggies to use if we buy breakable or any thing that may leak. I'll make sure we have sturdy tape for the laundry.
  12. Thanks! This will work... as we will be in Venice for a few days prior and after the cruise. And the fill the bag is a great option for less packing.
  13. I am aware of the fill the bag for $20. that NCL offers. Has anyone recently off the 7 Night STAR used this and what day was it offered? Thanks!
  14. dribbygirl..... I think I will pass on the tsitsibira - not a ginger beer fan - tried it, but.... scotch and wine, gin, vodka...🍸🍷, on the other hand!! I've watched cricket before in Australia - and here in the US on TV, interesting, but you really get my attention with college basketball!! Thanks for the tips, though!
  15. Thank you KeithJenner and TrumpyNor..... for your quick responses. Most helpful for our planning!
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