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  1. So wanted to do an update. I am currently on the Breeze. Didn’t have any issues boarding and only was asked about my wife one time during the process. Wasn’t an issue at all.
  2. So no one wants to answer the actual question just pass judgement on what should or should not be done. The question was: if I am vaccinated and I am exposed to someone with covid but I still test negative within the 2 day window but answer Yes to the question about being around someone with Covid in the last 14 days, what happens? Am I not allowed to cruise? Do they require another test at the port, etc.. does anyone know?
  3. Love my couch.. it's a La-Z-Boy,, just like me 😃
  4. I don't know how they do these things. My wife always has booked our cruises but i have always played and lost more money in the casino than she does. I use my sail and sign card all the time in the casino but my guess is that since she "booked" the cruise, she gets the credit for the casino play. If i had to guess, I spend 3-4 times the money and time in the casino than she does but she is the only one of us that actually get's offers.
  5. After reading through everything on here and other places, I have decided to "see what happens' I am going to show up at the port and see what happens when I try to board.. if they require more money at that point, I will make that call then. We shall see what happens.
  6. After 21 years together, I think she is hoping I fall over board.. 😀
  7. And is funny, but I always play more and lose more in the casino than my wife but she always gets the better deals.
  8. I get what you are saying. But my question is how do they charge me? Do they not allow me to board until she is there? Because if I am on board, then what, do they come find me and demand money.. etc. But I don't see anything that says all members of the party have to be present to board or check in at the same time.. so unless they won't allow me to check in without her then I don't see how they can charge me anything.. so i am confused on that part.. I understand the concept and theory, just curious how they carry it out.
  9. So nothing says we have to board together. So if I board and she no shows, how do they charge me double rate? I understand none of the perks may be given, like OBC drinks, etc.. and that's fine. But once I am on board and she doesn't show by cut off time, do they come get me or something?
  10. Where can I find that at now that I have booked it? I don't see it listed online anywhere. The cost of the room was 51.00 per person for an interior.
  11. Thanks everyone for the replies and just for the record, we have discussed this and she is fine with me going without her.
  12. So my wife and I always have cruised together. We booked a Sept cruise, simple 4 day with one of the Casino offers that she was sent - she always get's the best deals. We just found out that her work is requiring her to be some where else and she can't go on the cruise, but I still want to go. Will it be an issue if I just show up at the port to go, even though the rate we paid was based on her?
  13. My wife and I are on the Breeze tomorrow, YAY! We like to stream music and workout videos in the morning for our workouts. Does the ship wifi allow that?
  14. My guess it will end but only for vaccinated folks. There has to be a reward system in place for people vaccinated or why bother? I think for the next couple of years, travel will be one area that really rewards the vaccinated group. i am not saying I agree with it or want it, just what I believe will be the case. Vaccinated people will have a more normal travel experience than non vaccinated folks.
  15. I get it but it's not a big deal to me. I am vax and so is everyone in my family except my 11 year old. He will be as soon as they allow it. While I think Masks on the ships will soon be a thing of the past, none of the cruise lines can mandate the mask rules in the ports. Most of these ports are way way behind the US on vaccinations so I can see the possibility of masks being required for quite some time while in Ports. I can live with that. We are on the Breeze on 7/15 and can't wait. Kids aren't going this trip but will go in March on the Vista.
  16. I think something that is forgotten in all these discussions is also the ports. I do not know if any of the ports are limiting capacity but if they are, then the cruise ships would have to keep that in mind when they are booking these ships.
  17. How about all the folks that hate smoking, go to a cruise line that has banned it and leave the others alone.
  18. Covid is Covid, it spreads the same in a bar as it would on a ship, so in that regard, the risk is the same unmasked at a bar and unmasked on a ship, so why is one ok and one is not.. that was the point. Of course, we have no control over what a destination port will require and I think we all understand that. I am headed to Universal myself with my family end of this month and really looking forward to it, first vacation since all this started. And yes, Fl is part of the US and Universal did update their mask requirements based on the new guidelines from the CDC so you don't have to wear your mask at all times, just indoors and while on rides. It's a small step forward 🙂 Enjoy Universal, I am really looking forward to being around a crowd of people again.
  19. I thought the big thing about the vaccine was the Bill Gates was going to put a chip in everyone, which is why some (if not a lot) of people didn't want the vaccine. Well can't they just turn that chip on and scan it to prove who has the vaccine or not, problem solved, we can all thank Big Bill for the ability to cruise again! 🙂 /sarcasm. Fully vaccinated and ready to cruise again. Honestly I would have never stopped if the cruises didn't stop, I knew the risks and was willing to go, just like I am with every other form of sickness out there that people catch all the time, like the flu. Let's just get this think going now, it's time. There is zero reason that cruises can't return without the silly restrictions. Headed to Orlando end of the month for a land vacation and looking forward to the theme parks. Being around a crowd again will be fun.
  20. I agree but the more restrictions lifted on land, the harder it becomes to keep them on a cruise. I mean, if people can go to a bar, no mask, no social distance, etc, then it makes it hard for the CDC to say, not you cruise lines, everyone must wear a mask at all times etc. I think the restrictions will be in place for a cruising restart in July, then one by one removed by November and by Jan 2022, it will be back to normal 100% on the cruise lines.
  21. What does that have to do with Covid? I'm not for or against the idea personally, Im good either way but I do not see why that would come out of Covid restrictions.
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