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  1. Again Sharon, I'm so very sorry, you would think there would be a better word than sorry. I'm sure things are a mind boggling blur right now, I hope family is stepping up to help. Belle said it the best, " Don't let people tell you what YOU should FEEL or what YOU should DO. Do what you want, your feelings are your feelings." Belle you really do understand, I'm sorry you have also been through it. Kathy, you have been such a good friend to Sharon, I have followed the posts when I could. I'm sorry your boss is still such a stinker {{hugs}} Dianne
  2. Sharon, I'm so sorry, I feel badly that I haven't been checking in. I'm not going to say more here, I just want you to know I'm thinking of you. {{hugs}} my friend. Dianne
  3. You know I read but can't always find the right words to say. It seems wrong to say what's going well in my life when things are so much tougher in yours right now. We can only pray that Bill can do a turn around and start feeling much better. I'm worried about you Sharon you can only do so much before you explode ((hugs}} Kathy The weight thing Oh man I have lost the battle recently...I don't go up but I desperately need to go down! Thinking of you ladies. Dianne
  4. Hi Belle, I'm so very sorry to read about the loss of your husband, this has to be so hard for you especially today. Its serendipity that I came on CC today and thought of you. I actually came looking to see if you still did your thread and lovely poems. What a joy to find you here, I just wish it was better circumstances for you. So glad you and your children will be going out together tonight. {{hugs}} Dianne
  5. Gosh time just seems to fly by, still real busy helping my daughter with my Granddaughter. My SIL is doing pretty good, catheter comes out tomorrow, Granddaughter is a dancer and her studio has Nationals in Los Angeles next week. So she and her Mom are heading there Sunday, I will help out with SIL till he doesn't need it. Sharon, I hope you can get some relief once in awhile, it's a lot of stress being the only caregiver. Hopefully you will know more about the services Friday. Kathy Seattle is one of my favorite cities even with rain. It sounds like you had an adventure there staying in the Dorms. We are heading up by train the 12th, have a sleeper car:) Sharon, I hope Bill gains some energy and you see a rally soon, get one of the kids to help at the yard. There is just too much for you right now. Sorry its short gotta run, Thinking of you two stay safe!
  6. Sharon, they didn't bring the motor:eek: WTH! I hate that people can be that insincere, just let me know what I can do....then I'll let you know if I can! It seems they feel if they just make the statement that's enough. I wish you had some help you can count on, it has to be tough doing so much alone. I hope Bill is relaxing in his bed (with a motor) and starting to feel stronger. Kathy how have you been? I'm impressed you have stuck it out at your job, you must have the patience of a saint. So what did you do on your vacation? Just got great news on my son-in-law his pathology report came back cancer free! Smiles are coming back.:)
  7. Sharon, so sorry I didn't make it back. My son in Law had cancer surgery yesterday, it went well but has been a tough couple of weeks. Not as tough as yours though....honey I'm so sorry you and your family are going through this. Hospice sounds so final but I have a 95 year old Uncle that has been on it for 2 years, he's not ready to go.. I so hope Bill makes a turn around soon <3 No time right now I'll be back tomorrow. Kathy enjoy your trip :-)
  8. Dang ladies you are both having more than your share! I saw Sharon post on FB and was concerned about Bill. Hi Kathy, I hope you getting your energy back, I read back a few posts. Just no fun. Also sorry you still have to put up with the irritating boss, that makes going to work really tough. Sharon, oh my gosh what a scary thing to home to, the poor guy. Infections can really mess with your mind. I lost my mom last November, she had Alzheimer's but got a lot of bladder infections, she ended up in the hospital twice in one month and it was always a battle because she was so out of it. Good to hear you are seeing some improvement. You should cry BTW you have a lot on your plate. I don't come to CC very often we have a cruise planned for September so I check out the roll call it's really a slow moving one. Still fighting the weight battle, I think I will for the rest of my life. Watching, NBA final with Jim, you know I have to cheer for the Warriors since they are the home team. Hang in there kids, I will try to check in a little more, I miss these boards and you guys.
  9. The Coral is my favorite ship, I have cruised on it 3 times always Emerald deck aft usually cabin E727. You already know about the lack of privacy when people are on the viewing deck but they usually aren't staring at you, it's that aft view :-D The only real complaint I heard mentioned was noise when the doors slam, they put signs on the doors asking us to be considerate, most people were. We have never had an issue with noise from above or below or vibration from the thrusters. We heard them once in a while when arriving or leaving a port. Personally I think it's the best deck on the ship, you will have a great time.
  10. Yup what Lynne said :) http://bertstratton.com/171474BE-CE36-44E7-A01C-238DC42B4FBE.html
  11. David Cole is amazing, the best we have had the pleasure of sailing with! Good to hear he may be on the Star in January.
  12. Mary what an amazing review, your family is beautiful!
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