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  1. I have had a $300 FCC in the past i was able to use online in a new booking process and just paid the difference so thank you to those who commented on this it helped
  2. So i have to book a cruise more than my credit to use it all 😯
  3. So i have my FCC from myshortened Harmony cruise...so wondering if..my cruise credit is 2000 and the cruise i want to book is 2000...do i have to pay anything out of pocket? Thx
  4. Following another adventure....we were on the short Harmony with you couple weeks back and last year in August....one of these times we will say hi....i always feel like it’s imposing 😊😊😊😊
  5. are they doing room refurbishments? carpet? bedding?
  6. I was on the shortened Harmony and got the email while the ship
  7. We used Cortrans shuttle who is recommended here by many and they were great, timely and nice comfortable ride for $20 pp each way
  8. Euro models show lots more chance or turning north here's hoping
  9. don't cancel yet...if RCCL makes changes to the departure I am sure there will be offers and you can get a refund credit at least.
  10. yes it is...I would rather be on the ship and facing a little longer trip than a shortened one....the build up to vacation is so much its hard to not get disappointed
  11. We have cruised in Sept and during active hurricanes but this is a first that we have to worry about the port being accessible...in the past it was just a change of itinerary. this is truly stressful as we still want a vacation but so many factors with air, hotel, cruise, transportation etc
  12. looks like our update is now tomorrow at 3...per my email ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, Yesterday, we shared that after reviewing Tropical Storm Dorian’s strength and path, we decided to close CocoCay until Wednesday, September 4th, 2019, which impacts your itinerary. Our CocoCay Team is made up of over 400 Bahamian locals and it’s important that they evacuate to care for their families and secure their homes, as soon as possible. Please know, we evaluated all options, and this is the best decision, as there is no room for error when it comes to the safety and security of our guests, crew, and employees. This is our top priority. We’ve been closely monitoring the weather projections, along with our Chief Meteorologist, James Van Fleet. And currently, the American and European weather models have the storm going two separate ways. So, to ensure we provide you with the best itinerary, we’re going to wait a bit more to evaluate the new data, which we’ll receive this afternoon. Then, we’ll work to confirm some great alternate ports for your upcoming sailing and share your new itinerary with you by tomorrow, August 29th, 3:00 PM EST. Any pre-purchased Royal Caribbean International shore excursions for CocoCay will be refunded to your onboard expense account in the form of a credit. If your onboard spend does not reach this amount, the remaining balance will be refunded to your credit card on file. We are terribly sorry for this last-minute change, but appreciate your patience, understanding, and cooperation during this unexpected circumstance. We remain confident that you’ll have a wonderful vacation with us! Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International
  13. It’s a possibility for sure we should have better idea tomorrow
  14. they said they will provide an itinerary update tomorrow at 3pm EST
  15. just got the official RCCL email it is closed till Sept 4th
  16. just got the RCCL email that it is indeed closed. and we will get more updates on itinerary update tomorrow at 3 EST
  17. How does the ship let you know when to come to port?
  18. It is a strong possibility that our Harmony sailing might be late this weekend....so if the ship has to delay coming into port...how will we hear when to c9me to port? We are flying into MCO Saturday arrive about 430 if all goes well...and we are staying by the airport...I’m going to book an extra night to be safe....so just wondering how it will work if anyone has thoughts thanks
  19. for those of us departing this weekend let's just hope it sways to the East off of Florida. We have sailed many times in Sept and there have been active storms to watch but this is the first time its affecting the port for us...stressful as we are flying in to MCO on Sat and departing Sunday 😱😱😱
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