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  1. In regard to your Coco Cay question: if there is more than one Freedom Class or larger ship in port, yes it could get very crowded at the Thrill Waterpark. However, I don’t think it’s necessary to pay the extra money for it. First of all, there are slides on the ship your son can enjoy. Secondly, there is a large splash pad area with two dumping buckets, lots of spray/splash/fountain features, as well as three smaller slides that are included. There is a pirate ship splash scape as well. In addition to the giant freshwater pool, the activities (both formal and informal) on the beach lik
  2. Just to be clear, Dasani bottled water has the same ingredients. It is a minuscule amount. Not anywhere near the amount to make it an electrolyte drink as someone else mentioned.
  3. Those racing sailboats must be fantastic to be in. I don’t know much about those vessels specifically, but they must have full keels to heel like that with control and speed. It would be so exciting to tack. As always, your photos are amazing, and you are really making me want to book on Anthem.
  4. Just as an update, I live not too far from you in real life, and it was 91° when I drove by DTW this afternoon. We’re dying around here. Come on fall. The only place it should be that hot is when you’re cruising.
  5. Ok...this MIGHT help you make a little of an informed thought, but Royal just about 30 minutes ago notified their 3-night guests on Navigator (Miami) and Mariner (Canavral) that their ship will be leaving Friday at 4:30, but will remain out until Wednesday morning . Royal Caribbean ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, After careful review of Hurricane Dorian’s path, we will depart as planned, but our arrival into the Port of Miami will be on Wednesday, September 4th, 2019, instead of Monday, September 2nd, 2019. We made this decision to maintain a comfortable cruise an
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