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  1. Would anyone have a picture of the needed adapter? Can I get them on Amazon? Thank you
  2. We are on the Star Princess to Hawaii for the 2/27/20 cruise. No way I will cancel our cruise. If we happen to get quarantined for a period of time, so be it.
  3. Tucker, I read somewhere that here is a small area inside Skywalkers night club that you can smoke at in the evening. Did you hear about that?
  4. I ordered 2 gallons for our 15 day cruise.
  5. Thank you all for your reply’s. One more question for you Star cruisers. Does anybody know where the smoking areas are on the Star? Thank you
  6. Do you know if the had the Crab Shack set up in the Horizon Court a few nights? Also did the do the Pub lunches in the bar? Thank you
  7. Smoking areas on the Star Princess please. Thank you
  8. Would anybody know the location of the smoking areas on the Star Princess? Thank you!
  9. We always leave a gratuity in the specialty restaurants!
  10. No bedside outlets on the Regal (interior) in February.
  11. You will get a letter in your cabin regarding your soda purchase. Call room service and order what Coke product you want and they will deliver it.
  12. Are the casinos on Princess ships open while cruising in Hawaiian waters?
  13. My thoughts exactly, I don’t mind paying for delivery in a area I know nothing about!
  14. Ralph’s $5.99 a 12 pack, delivery is $9.99 for 2, 12 packs. Not bad at all.
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