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  1. We're doing it 2 weeks after you. April 6th.
  2. We disembark on 4/14 in Budapest so there's a weeks cruise between us but I'm sure the crew will still be broken in by the time its your turn!
  3. Thanks for the reassurance about Dollars in Budapest. I wasnt sure if they'd accept them. Hopefully we wont have a problem with water levels, it seems ok at the moment. Counting the days now!!
  4. Look forward to meeting you Sparky! I wish we had booked time in Munich as I would have liked to see Neushwanstein castle. Can't believe that's the correct spelling but my phone doesn't know any better.
  5. You get on as we get off. We have 2 nights in Budapest at the end of our cruise. Hopefully we'll all have a great time.
  6. When in April are you going? We are on the Monarch Princess on April 6th.
  7. We're doing that one on April 6th and wonder just how cold it might be!
  8. Trig2018


    Thanks for the info. Can't wait!!
  9. Trig2018


    Glad to hear that! We're going with Gate 1 next April.
  10. Trig2018


    We're doing the Danube on the Monarch Princess next April. Really looking forward to it!
  11. Thanks for the reassurance.
  12. I do realise that. I just wondered how much of a problem it may be as compared to the low water situation at the moment.
  13. Right. I read your post to my husband and he's actually agreed to skip lunch and follow your recommendations.!! Thanks again for your great review.
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