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  1. I agree that it is most likely that the repositioning from Singapore will not be a revenue cruise due to the logistics of organising such a cruise at short notice and possibly because the Australian Government may still have a ban on overseas tourism. I live in hope that things have improved dramatically by October 2021 and we can at least cruise from Australia in some form.
  2. I am prepared to assume that if the Australian Government gives the go ahead for cruises to resume from Australian ports, albeit with restrictions such as cruises to nowhere or within Australian and possibly New Zealand ports cruise lines won't be able to get down here fast enough.
  3. True, but you have to stay positive and hope that if Australia has COVID under control and the majority of the population is vaccinated by then the Australian Government will allow cruising to resume.
  4. Now that Qantum of the Seas is staying in Singapore and not going to Alaska does anyone think Royal Caribbean will add a Singapore to Brisbane sailing in October 2021? Quantum of the Seas is scheduled to start its Australian season from Brisbane on 30 October 2021. The ship will have to transfer from Sinapore to Brisbane in mid to late October 2021. We are hoping they take paying passengers as it would be an option for us if they did offer it. Any thoughts?
  5. We got our letter yesterday. No option to lift and shift to TP on Quantum of the Seas in 2022 as it is not listed. Decided to get FCC and use it on Ovation of the Seas from Sydney to Honolulu in April 2022 although this cruise was more expensive. Hopefully it will go ahead but who knows anymore.
  6. We are also booked on the Trans Pacific from Honolulu to Brisbane and have not received any information from RC regarding whether or not that cruise has been cancelled. I suspect we have not received anything as yet because the lift and shift option is not possible for us yet. I think they might hold off sending us anything until RC confirm the date and itinerary for the Quantum of the Seas Honolulu to Brisbane in October 2022 so we are able to take advantage of the Lift and Shift option. We got such a great price and want to lift and shift to 2022 so we keep that price.
  7. Here's an idea. So from what I understand the problem with the buffet is mostly to do with multiple hands touching the same serving utensil be it tongs, serving spoons etc. How about we keep the buffet as is but: ensure that everyone, and that means everyone thoroughly washes/sanitises their hands on entry, then slip on a pair of thin sanitised rubber gloves each individual then picks up their own sanitised silicon utensil handle cover that they slip over the utensil they are using to serve their own food. When finished with the utensil handle cove
  8. What a stupid comment. You may have been sitting on your rear end for the past couple of months but I can tell you there are plenty of motivated people out there that have been exercising more than ever. It's all about motivation and commitment to looking after your body and staying healthy.
  9. Thanks for the info Mr Walker. Myself and my family live in Sydney and we are hoping Spectrum offers some revenue cruises at a reduced price from Sydney like the Sapphire Princess is doing from early May. Would be a great opportunity to snap up a bargain on an almost brand new ship. At the very worst you would have to think the Spectrum would offer a revenue cruise for the relocation from Sydney back to Asia or if not Asia to wherever RC decide to deploy the ship after its Aussie stint whenever that may be. Would be a real shame to bring the Spectrum down to Sydney and not offer some r
  10. Roebuck Bay, Broome, Western Australia. One incredible place.
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