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  1. Here's an idea. So from what I understand the problem with the buffet is mostly to do with multiple hands touching the same serving utensil be it tongs, serving spoons etc. How about we keep the buffet as is but: ensure that everyone, and that means everyone thoroughly washes/sanitises their hands on entry, then slip on a pair of thin sanitised rubber gloves each individual then picks up their own sanitised silicon utensil handle cover that they slip over the utensil they are using to serve their own food. When finished with the utensil handle cover they drop it in the containers stationed around the buffet where they are taken and re-sanitised to be re-used. If an individual wants a second serving they take a fresh utensil cover from one of the many stations around the buffet. Surely this approach would eliminate 99% of any possibility of contamination through people handling the same utensils. Sure it would be an inconvenience but IMO would work and be a much more acceptable and way less inconvenient approach than converting the buffet to a MDR style eatery. Tables could still be spread out to a safe distance if required.
  2. What a stupid comment. You may have been sitting on your rear end for the past couple of months but I can tell you there are plenty of motivated people out there that have been exercising more than ever. It's all about motivation and commitment to looking after your body and staying healthy.
  3. Thanks for the info Mr Walker. Myself and my family live in Sydney and we are hoping Spectrum offers some revenue cruises at a reduced price from Sydney like the Sapphire Princess is doing from early May. Would be a great opportunity to snap up a bargain on an almost brand new ship. At the very worst you would have to think the Spectrum would offer a revenue cruise for the relocation from Sydney back to Asia or if not Asia to wherever RC decide to deploy the ship after its Aussie stint whenever that may be. Would be a real shame to bring the Spectrum down to Sydney and not offer some revenue cruises for the diehards. If you hear any news of revenue cruises be sure to let us all know.
  4. Roebuck Bay, Broome, Western Australia. One incredible place.
  5. Took this a few months ago at Vivid Sydney
  6. That's good news. A couple of waterslides would be great. I would like to see them get rid of the up-market shops on the Royal Promenade and replace them with some nice bars, cafes and/or places to eat. I hardly ever saw anyone in those shops. They may be fine on an up-market cruise line but IMO they are out of place on a Royal Caribbean ship. The Cafe Promenade on the Voyager is awful. Too small, dark and dingy. That place is in desperate need of a make-over. I would gut the place and change it to a new food/drink venue.
  7. Whilst that would be MASSIVE News I doubt it would be the deployment of an Oasis Class Ship. I don't think any ports in Australia/NZ would be big enough to handle a ship of that size. After reading it again I think they might be deploying Adventure of the Seas to Aust/NZ. If I'm right I think that ship was recently refurbished?
  8. Thank you so much Papa B for giving your time and documenting your Hawaii/POA experience. It really does give a lot of clarity in regard to what to expect, particularly on the POA. Four or Five days in Waikiki followed by the POA has been on our bucket list for a few years now. As you commented, it is quite an expensive cruise (works out to be about $500 AUD per day for us Aussies) so we have to weigh up whether we do the POA for 7 nights or another ship locally for 14-18 nights for the same cost with no 10 hour flight each way to contend with. Your review has certainly tipped the scales in favour of the POA option. Thanks Again.
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