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  1. There are absolutely Christmas influences with the decorations, background music, some activities, and people wearing Santa hats and what not but it's very much a normal cruise. You'll have a Christmas Variety show, but you'll still have your normal shows too. You'll have a Christmas menu, but you'll have your normal menu's too. You'll have Christmas activities, but you'll have normal activities too. You'll have Christmas decorations, but they blend into the background in short order just like they do when you're walking through stores and down streets. You'll see some Christm
  2. I'll second the Rokinon/Samyang 12mm f/2. Fantastic lens for crop sensors for the ultra wide, it's one of the three lenses I take when I'm traveling (the others being either the fuji 23mm or 35mm and the 56mm.) I think it really depends on what you're looking to take pictures of and what you find yourself frustrated with most currently. Are you wanting something wider, longer, faster, etc? What do you find yourself taking pictures of now and what do you wish you were able to do?
  3. Harmony - Dec 13th 2020 Oasis - May 16th 2021 None really. I'll be disappointed every time a sailing cancels but it is what it is. I'll likely still be around when they restart and every time a couple cancel, I upgrade the next couple. Eventually I'm going to have some pretty awesome cruises that actually happen. Or aliens invade during a Yellowstone eruption and it doesn't really matter.
  4. For me, and this is a personal opinion, I’d go with the 30mm f/1.4. The 12mm is way too wide to be an all purpose lens and the 16mm is wider than I’d like for most cases. If you tend to prefer a wide angle though, I’d probably get the 16mm over the 12mm.
  5. I've been in pretty much the same boat, when I'm at home I like having all the options available to me in my studio or on the go, but on a vacation I just want to travel light and have fun. Nowadays having the best image quality is taking a backseat to just getting the shot, especially when they live mostly digitally. Before my first cruise I was actually on here asking if I should take a medium format camera... So glad I listened and didn't, but even half of what I took then just stayed in my cabin. I actually tended to leave my camera in the cabin more often than not and just u
  6. Yeah. I canceled one for July a little after final payment (was waiting for Delta to update their policies). I got the refund portion last week and just waiting on the FCC for the rest.
  7. July 12th/December 13th/December 20th Holding pattern for now, I'll likely make the final payment for the July one since it's due in less than a month, but I'm 50/50 if we'll actually be able to sail.
  8. mAh a unit of capacity, a factor for jumping a vehicle but very much not the determining one 🙂 For comparison here's the electronics I travel with and their battery capacities iPad Pro - ~7800 mAh iPhone XS - ~2650 mAh Kindle - ~1600 mAh Camera batteries - ~1250 mAh each GoPro batteries - ~1220 mAh each Having a power bank lets me be assured that I'll be able to charge things if I'm away from my cabin for extended periods (or long layovers in airports), or to recharge devices/batteries during the day if there's a room steward who's set on
  9. Just starting to plan my stop there, I’d be grateful if you could share the link with me as well! josh . gates at gmail . com
  10. Magnet hooks Poo-pourri Airborne / Nuun Rebound Patches Anti wrinkle spray Travel laundry detergent Small first aid kit (bandaids, superglue, neosporin, aspirin/ibuprofen, allergy meds, tums, Imodium, etc.) Motion sickness (i bring gingins and bonine and start taking the bonine the night before I fly out) Waterbottle, i prefer a 32oz wide mouth insulated one Silicone straws, i prefer these to metal or bamboo ones. Multiport usb charger and USB charging cables for everything, makes it much easier than trying to find individual plugs. Power
  11. *shrugs* I wear the same thing for dinner every night regardless of what night it is. Jeans, dress shirt with sleeves rolled up, tie, and vest. For me it fits hits the nice enough to look good but still comfortable checkboxes just right. I've seen a range of shorts and tank top to tuxes, and on the last one a gentleman who had a different _very_ vibrant Christmas themed suit every night. You do you, if you're overdressed you'll likely get some attention and compliments, if you're underdressed no one's going to say a thing. Have fun with it.
  12. Go for the balcony. I like the studio rooms, but outside of the coffee machine I've never really used the lounge much other than for the gatherings, and those are hit or miss depending on the week. For that small of a difference in price I'd take (and have taken) the balcony and extra perks every time 🙂
  13. I just end up using https://www.cruiseplum.com Gives the pricing including taxes/fees/prepaid gratuities which makes it much nicer at a quick glance. For lines like Royal that have studio cabins, but don't have them in a separate category like NCL, it will still show you the least expensive option available (which is usually the studio) for each category.
  14. Yup, just pay the difference. I’ve done it before for a slight upcharge (cabin was a little more plus gratuities for taking a dining perk too) after final payment. There are probably some restrictions but it’s completely possible if you call.
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