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  1. goldens4ever

    CD on the Escape

    So far... we know Dan Dan is gone... and Scott is on... do you know anything about Scott? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. goldens4ever

    Stockholder benefit officvially extended

    I love this... I remember people telling me that it wasn't a good deal... I bought when the price was around $34 per share... it has done nicely and I get to enjoy my OBC whenever I cruise!!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. goldens4ever

    CD on the Escape

    Thanks for sharing!!! 12 more wake ups... I am looking forward to meeting Scott... to getting to know the Escape and relaxing in the sun(fingers crossed) Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. goldens4ever

    CD on the Escape

    Thanks, Bonni! I am looking forward to meeting Dan Dan....I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts!!
  5. goldens4ever

    CD on the Escape

    And a big THANKS to those that care to be helpful on this thread. I look to CC for assistance and just cruise on by the nasty replies that are put downs. So.... Thanks for the help! 2 weeks (and a couple days) till I get to experience it for myself!;p
  6. goldens4ever

    CD on the Escape

    I guess we all have the right to whether we care or not about a CD...not something I care to let boggle my mind... In my experiences....CD's can enhance a trip...or in the case of my last little 4 day jaunt...be the reason to leave the marriage game (the CD was horrible). There are CD's I would love to see again, some that I don't remember and don't care either way and some that I hope to never see again....to each their own. So...enjoy!!
  7. goldens4ever

    CD on the Escape

    Hey there!!! Is there anyone who has cruised on the Escape lately that can tell me who the CD is right now. We cruise March 30...and just trying to find out ahead of time. Thanks for any help.
  8. goldens4ever

    Forbidden Items on NCL?

    I think it's odd... on Princess that beverage alcohol package includes water and soda... I haven't really looked at the NCL beverage packages yet... Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  9. We are on the Escape next spring break...loving your review...thanks so much for sharing!!!!
  10. goldens4ever

    Princess Cruise Secrets 2017

    I've cruised with Princess quite a few times and I always check these out...never know when something new is going to pop up...besides...it is what I do before the cruise...in those torturous 2-3 weeks before a cruise when time slows to a snail's pace!!!:o
  11. goldens4ever

    Princess Cruise ship Cruise Director list

    Pacific Princess getting change in CD in Dubai Caribbean Princess: - David Clark Coral Princess: - Cory? Crown Princess: - David Carazo (Feb 2017) Dawn Princess: - Neil Rose (from 1st November ) Simon assistant Diamond Princess: - Neil Roberts Emerald Princess: - Paul Andrew Chandler - Burns Golden Princess: - Lee Childers (Mar 2017) Grand Princess:- Martias Chimicz Entertainment Director - Aaron Mac CD (February 2017) Island Princess: - Callie Smnit (Feb 28) Majestic Princess:- Dan Falconer (from April, 2017) Pacific Princess: - Frank Castiglione (January 2017) Sammi Baker beginning 20-March, 2017 in Dubai on the WC Regal Princess: - Billy Hygate Royal Princess: - Kelly Rose (Feb 28) Ruby Princess: - Paul Andrew Chandler - Burns (Mar 5) - Duke Arron Patrick Christopher (Mar 18, 2017) Sapphire Princess: Sea Princess: - Stuart McGonagill (from 10 April 2016) Star Princess: - Andrew Kadillac (November 10, 2016 ) - David Clark (currently? onboard) - Andrew Kadillac (returning in February) Sun Princess:- Richard Joseph
  12. goldens4ever

    Princess Cruise ship Cruise Director list

    THANK YOU!!!! I have been trying to find this info....I really appreciate the info!!!
  13. goldens4ever

    Princess Cruise ship Cruise Director list

    Still seeing nothing on here about the Coral....but I did see a review that lists Cory as CD and is assisted by Mikey??? Anyone have any idea who this might be? Thanks!!!
  14. goldens4ever

    What do you do when you first board the ship.

    We try to get on the ship early....stop on our way to our cabin to a) get our liquor sticker and b) get our first drink....then continue to the cabin to drop off stuff, put valuables in safe and put on bathing suit under shorts/t-shirt, grab towel...head to lido deck for next drink, and lunch...burger or pizza and find a spot in the sun...to soak it up after a long...not so wonderful winter (usually cruising during spring break)...talk about dinner plans when everyone finally gets up to the pool area...swim and sun and have a few drinks until we have to grab our life preserver for muster...then after muster it is time for our unofficially awesome meet and greet on the highest deck with a bar....relax and talk with cc friends...old and new until we realize we better get ready for a late dinner.... Leaving April 7th...and as always...I cannot wait!!!! And...love reading this thread as it gets me so excited to go....
  15. goldens4ever

    Princess Cruise ship Cruise Director list

    So...the list seems to leave the Coral Princess off...just wondering if anyone knows who is the CD or ED on the Coral....leaving April 7, 2017... Thanks!!!!