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  1. Very sorry to hear of your situation Melissaghoti. If I was unfortunate as you to be in this position I would simultaneously trigger every (TA/Az/legal) avenue available to me in order to drive forward an answer and give peace of mind. Did you pay by CC? as they may be able to assist in matters of financial dispute. Sycamore would do well to review the practice of certain distribution “partners” and ask themselves do they fit with the customer care ethos they wish to project for the Azamara brand. I hope that you find the answers soonest. Regards
  2. Unfortunately there is no way your June cruise will sail. Europe and the UK remain under heavy covid restrictions which will continue for a few months yet. When you factor in international flights reopening , passenger and crew vaccinations, ports willing to open up to cruise lines etc, my personal view is that we will be very late into 2021 before we see the resumption of cruising in any significant volume. We are due to sail on Regatta in September out of LA (pushed back from 2020). For the same reasons in Europe I doubt very much this will happen but will have to see how th
  3. Hi cruise47 The bathroom we had on the Century (2 cruises) in a standard balcony grade was slightly larger then that in an equivalent Azamara cabin. We find however the bathroom size on Az more then adequate for our needs. Sorry, unable to help on your liquor question. Regards
  4. I seem to remember in the early days of Azamara (when wine and beer was provided at lunch & dinner), this was the case. Regards
  5. Agree with points already identified, namely; 1. Conditions for bookings to be uniformed across all markets to include deposit amounts, cancellation fees (including deposits) and final payment dates. 2. Upgrades, reward loyalty but consideration also given to those who paid above the “average selling price” per cabin grade. 3. Promotions to be the same across all markets and of a genuine nature In addition: 4. Review the current sales distribution of TA’s who must sign up to meet Azamara’s customer ethos of “treating customers fai
  6. Congratulations and something lovely to look forward to. Regards
  7. All fines should go to the hospital covering that area and who are left to deal with any resulting consequences. Regards
  8. You’ve chosen a great hotel in the best of locations. Have a great trip. Regards
  9. 5 years ago, our daughter unveiled our first granddaughter’s name. What! Where did that name come from? 5 years later, she couldn’t have been named anything else and we love her to death.
  10. “You can only have one childcare bubble with one other household. This means no household should be part of more than one childcare bubble.” Due to the above Childcare rules, and living further away then the other set of grandparents, we too are missing out seeing our 2 grandchildren aged 5 & 2. Hopefully for not much longer though 🤞 Regards
  11. Thanks for posting Riocca. I thought he spoke very well.
  12. Just seen the FM statement on the BBC news app. With better infection rate per 100K then England, it doesn’t auger well. Looks like even a staycation is some time off. Getting braced for our 3rd attempt to visit MIL to be thwarted. It’s been a long stretch this time but consider ourselves to be fortunate compared to many and remain optimistic. Regards
  13. Similar feedback Riocca. Actually, could have been the same cruise! Viking, Danube, 8 December 2019. Really enjoyed it (and have another booked for 2022) but more structured then we were expecting. Would ideally have liked more “self time” to explore and take in the coffee and cake venues! However, the food, service, ports of call and ship ambiance made for a really enjoyable first experience. So, if Azamara was a river cruise ship would it be Viking? Based on our very limited experience, not quite.
  14. Thanks Phil. A real tonic as to what “tomorrow” hopefully has in store. Regards
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