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  1. We only received the “Entertainment” survey so not sure on the criteria. However, I hope Azamara’s new owners don’t feel they need to change all aspects of their offering. We love Azamara for what it is, not for what it could be. Regards
  2. Certainly an all singing & dancing survey! Regards
  3. Time to plan for the worst but hope for the best 🤞
  4. Hats off to you uktog for jumping through the relevant hoops to make your cruise. Hope that your return home was plain sailing and a big thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us. 🙏 Regards
  5. Not good form. If this approach continues they (future cruise advisors) will again be unemployed and life tough. So unlike the Azamara experience. UK home booking: We booked a Greece intensive a couple of months ago. The cruise was recently included in the $500 obc promotion and so rang to see if this could be applied retrospectively under the “best price guarantee”. Unfortunately not as we have a balcony and they are now sold out. I wasn’t holding my breath and the bottom line is we were happy with the price when we pulled the trigger. Regards
  6. Thank you for taking both the time and trouble in providing us with such great information. Makes us want to get back onboard soonest! Regards
  7. Hope you have a great cruise uktog and look forward to reading your postings and findings. Regards
  8. We came off the Silhouette Saturday and had a really good time. Two main showtimes still in place at 7pm and 9pm. Lewis certainly had a challenging week with the resident show team down (he told us he was 27 staff members down). Getting acts on at short notice over the Bank Holiday weekend who had to be PCR tested apparently was a real challenge. The McDonald brothers joined the Ship at Liverpool (their first time on Celebrity) and the Shamrock Tenors at Belfast. The Baracade boys were also on but not sure if they were replacement acts or scheduled ones. Regards
  9. The current UK promotion of $500 obc should help the new styled shops get off to a strong start. I like the open look, stylish.
  10. A real big “thank you” Huntingdon 1701 for opening this thread and providing us with such wholesome information about your wonderful experience. It’s just great to see Azamara back at sea under their new stewardship. Having just returned from a week on Celebrity Silhouette, we were totally touched by the welcome we received from the staff. The resumption of cruising means so much to them. Chuffed for the Azamara crew as well as passengers. Regards
  11. As a frequent follower (but minimal contributor) I’m very saddened to hear of the experience encountered by Beckett on her MSC cruise. I’m very sorry for the situation you found yourself in, shameful. Wowzz’s comment is still on the MSC board under the topic heading “Virtuosa UK - sailing with kids” for those wishing to add their support. Regards
  12. Thank you for your informative and helpful information. Hope you have a fabulous couple of weeks and look forward to your postings. If on board you glean any further information with regards to additional UK sailings, please share! Regards
  13. Thank you very much uktog, really informative. With our appetite to resume cruising sooner then we had envisaged, we too have been looking at some staycation cruises (and in fact had booked to be on the Silhouette last Saturday only to have to cancel 3 days prior due family illness) but never considered MSC yacht club! With a week at the very end of August available to us we were looking at Viking but will now add the YC for consideration. It’s a shame Azamara is not an option but at least have a Greece Intensive to look forward to next June 🤞 Regards
  14. Hi, does anyone know if there are plans to extend the UK cruises beyond the current schedule (the last being 21 August)? It appears that for UK cruisers, obtaining travel insurance for cruises to other Countries is currently prohibitive. This makes taking any other Viking cruise from Malta, Iceland etc, an impossibility till the Government lifts further restrictions. Regards
  15. We should have started a roll call! Also took the opportunity to go into London last week for a couple of days before the tourists and office workers return. So much more enjoyable then normal to walk around and take in some sights. As you rightly say, even the tube was manageable (didn’t know they had seats)! Picture taken from the Shard viewing platform.
  16. We would love to try Viking (Azamara & Oceania our main stay lines) and are hoping that they introduce a similar sailing the following week (28 August) 🤞
  17. It’s always disappointing when you have a cruise cancelled. However, in these complicated times of Covid travel, I have to respect any cruise lines decision in adjusting/cancelling their itineraries in response to the prevailing Covid landscape. Frustrating yes, but I don’t put the blame at Azamara’s door. Regards
  18. Just took a look and the 3 & 9 July are available on the UK site. Aqua & balconies only though 3 July (didn’t check 9 July). Not sure if it makes any difference but I’m using the iPad which takes me to the UK site when you then click at the top of the page to the “United Kingdom” site.
  19. What a lovely dilemma to have. Both lines have never disappointed us and previous posts (on both boards) have outlined well the difference in offering between the two. We base our choice of line on the itinerary but given identical one’s, Azamara would win in a photo finish. The on board atmosphere is unique and one to experience. Good luck!
  20. Please bear in mind it’s as much to do with “choice” as it is “quantity” and drinking into oblivion. Only Beer and wine is the standard offering. We too are moderate drinkers but on Holiday my wife likes a pre dinner cocktail and myself a post dinner glass of port with the cheese board. We both enjoy an Irish coffee to conclude an evening of good food and company. I appreciate and respect that for some, the package is of no benefit. Regards
  21. Having never been to this area, we’re off on Sunday to Raithwaite’s, Sandsed and plan to take in the Railway. There appears to be many places to explore close to Whitby, just hope the weather is kind 🤞
  22. With the 48 hour “cruise with confidence” guarantee, would it have been possible to obtain a 100% cruise credit and then apply it to the August cruise? Regards
  23. Thanks for another informative video. At $19.99 per day, there’s no feeling of being ripped off. Knowing you won’t have a post cruise bar bill always feels good! However, on our Viking river cruise, the big win was being able to choose any wine from the wine list at lunch & dinner as opposed to the included daily “house wine”. Normally, a bottle would be provided. The breadth of choice and quality in itself, to us, was worth the premium.
  24. Hi Staffordshirecruiser How was your cruise? Regards
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