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  1. Hello friends! I'm on the verge of booking the April 12-20 Hawaii cruise on Eclipse - and what stood out to me was the itinerary, I simply adore sea days. As someone connected 24/7/365 my favourite part of the cruise experience is getting away from it all! To date my previous 2 cruises have been on NCL - both to Bermuda, on Breakaway ('15) and Escape ('18). I personally preferred the Breakaway and while I quite enjoyed NCL, I'm seeking something a bit more elevated and to try another line...so Celebrity was naturally a great fit! That said, as much as I'd love to cruise on the Edge or Apex (this is my first time on Celebrity, coming from NCL) I'd love to know if recent Eclipse cruisers (I know she's due for a refurb early next year) would recommend the ship and could comment a bit on the condition of things? A few areas I'd love any opinions or insight on, both as they pertain to the Eclipse and the Celebrity experience overall: I understand that "flexible" dining seats every 30 minutes. I prefer to dine at a solo table where possible, not sure if this would be accommodated? Perhaps my favourite sea day activity is enjoying the spa facilities and a heated lounger. Aside from AquaClass guests, are "spa passes" offered? I believe most cruise lines don't - but I'm also a fan of afternoon tea. Does the ship offer this on any day(s)? How did you find the value of the beverage package? I'm comparing it to the UBC on Norwegian. For those who have done Celebrity to Hawaii - any excursions (from the line or otherwise) you'd advocate for or suggest skipping? Thanks so much for the insights. I hope to see some of you on board 🙂 Kind regards, Adam
  2. Hello everyone, As I am in "compulsive cruise prep" mode; two quick questions I have: a) My group is "Maroon" but is it a requirement to print these with a color printer? b) How do you advise attaching these luggage tags such that they do not detach or become wet should there be rain? Appreciate the insight from more seasoned cruisers :) This is only sailing #2 for me...but definitely not my last! Thanks so much, Adam
  3. Hello everyone, I'm 72 hours away from embarkation on the Escape, and curious to know where you prefer to dine on embarkation day and why? I'm thinking I'll enjoy the buffet first thing before the crowds, and if I need a bite before the dinner seating O'Sheehan's will be my spot. I've also been hearing people saying that the MDR and the buffet serve identical items; just one happens to plate the food. I am sure there are some crossover items; but if memory serves from my cruise on the Breakaway in 2015 I believe the menus were on the whole unique between the buffet and MDR. Can anyone provide some insight - this might be a great question for the "How to Run A Floating Hotel" meet-up!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm 3 days from embarkation and can barely contain my excitement! As I review dailies from previous cruises; I'm looking forward to participating in a number of the game shows taking place in the atrium! If I were interested in being a contestant, how would I go about signing up to participate? I imagine I would show up early? Also, although I'm looking to participate for the fun of the experience, are there prizes offered for contestants who win the games? I imagine Deal or No Deal would be the obvious 'yes" answer. Thanks so much! Kind regards, Adam
  5. Do you prefer being among the first to board? One of the last to board? Somewhere in the middle? Perhaps you vary depending on Embarkation terminal? This is my second cruise and I have picked the earliest slot available, 9:30-10:00 arrival. My previous cruise was my first and my travel partner and I flew in the day of, arriving at the terminal around 11:30 and we were onboard by 1PM.
  6. Thank you!! This is so helpful. I will use my Visa Debit to secure the account and then put down cash when I have a spare moment on Day 1. Most appreciated! Q
  7. I already tried to no avail! Thankfully I am a solo cruiser so I am hoping squeezing 1 person in shouldn't be too tricky. You'd best believe I will sprint to an onboard screen right away to make those reservations!
  8. I'm in this phase of my cruise right now - 18 days away - and for me this is half the fun :)
  9. Hello everyone, A bit of a novice question perhaps - but I want to make sure I don't look silly once I'm on the ship or spend time in line(s) unprepared! With my cruise fare, I have $250 OBC, UDP (3 meals), and UBP. I intend to make the $300 cash deposit rather than use a credit card at check-in. Upon boarding, I'd also like to grab a beverage and book my spa / specialty dining reservations. My question being - is there a specific order I should do all of this in? In other words, is my account "frozen" to charges prior to depositing my $300 cash, even with a $250 OBC? I'd imagine my first stop upon boarding the ship should be to the Guest Services desk; however I understand from some YouTube videos this may not necessarily be open to accept my deposit straight away. Advice and guidance is most welcome! This is my second cruise - and first solo cruise - and I am so thrilled to be returning to NCL!
  10. Hello everyone! I'm in the notorious "extensive pre-planning" (obsessing) phase for my cruise - but that's honestly half the fun! For my 9/2 sailing to Bermuda, I'm planning the following activities: a) A day at the Fairmont Southampton (if you haven't been before, I highly recommend it! A lovely lunch at the Cabana cafe, a massage at the spa which is far better quality and comparable in price to on the ship) and lovely beach views. b) Exploring Hamilton c) The homes and hideaways excursion looks right up my alley - but I'd love to know what those of you who have been thought of it? Pink sands and crystal water here we come :) !
  11. OMG, my go-to brand for casual apparel! So long $250 OBC! LOL. Do we know if this is indeed a store on it's own, or just part of the other boutiques?
  12. Perfect, thank you for the help! For the spa pass, if memory serves I did actually see a Mandara spa rep taking reservations at the pier in NYC back in 2015. Can anyone confirm if this is still the case?
  13. LOL! Kind of a personal question, no? But happy to explain. I only booked my cruise via my TA on Monday and due to limits on the card being used for payment we've split my payments into 50% on Monday, $1000 USD yesteray, and the final balance of a few hundred dollars today.
  14. Hello! With my cruise 18 days away...the excitement is killing me! I'll be making my final payment to my TA this afternoon, and was fortunate enough to get the "hook up" with the UBP, UDP, $250 onboard spend, and WiFi! As I did not have any specialty dining on my Escape cruise in 2015; I'm not sure how reserving a spot works. I'd like to dine at Moderno, Cagney's and La Cucina. Can I make these reservation as early as today? Or will I need to wait until embarkation day? A similar question for a Thermal Suite pass if I plan to use my OBC to purchase - will that also be taken care of on Embarkation Day? Thanks so much! Kind regards, Adam
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