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  1. My sail away cruise has dropped $550 per person for just an inside room since 2 months ago when I booked it. So I'd suggest waiting if you're not picky.
  2. Last year my mother in law almost died in what was supposed to be a routine surgery. Our cruise was planned a couple weeks after her first surgery, she's had 7 since then and she's not done. We had to cancel our cruise and would've lost over $3000 without travel insurance so I highly recommend getting it. You dont have to get travel insurance through NCL either, lots of other companies offer travel insurance. I prefer to work with USAA so I usually go through them.
  3. My sister just took an Alaskan Pearl cruise last week and said there weren't many kids, mostly just littles. :)
  4. Did you book a GTY room? If so you might have to wait till you're 30 days out from your cruise AND have an assigned room. I had the same issue and I contacted tech support. I was able to view my edocs when I hit the 30 day mark but wasn't able to print them out until my room was assigned.
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