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  1. Thank you. I will or will not get on a cruise one day, but in the meantime I have everything crossed that they find a cure and a vaccine for this very soon.
  2. Thank you. I will or will not get on a cruise one day, but in the meantime I have everything crossed that they find a cure and a vaccine for this very soon.
  3. sincere apologies if this has been asked before. We are due to sail from Barcelona on the Allure in August. This was postponed from last year and currently we have no travel insurance in place. We normally get annual travel insurance which was up for renewal in January As we were not sailing until August we were going to leave renewing the policy until nearer the date as the only monies outlayed so far is the deposit (and an admin fee for postponement of last years cruise) and this was done quite some time ago due to postponement. If Royal Carribean have to cancel all their cruises in Europe due to the Corona Virus will they be liable to refund the deposit or is the refund down to your own personal travel insurance? Thank you for any advice in advance.
  4. I would like to say a massive thank you to everybody who has answered my question. Not sure whether I need to do this individually or able to do this as a collective thank you as I am doing. I have taken all the advice "on board" and talked over the many options with the family. It is good to read that there are so many different experiences. Should they want to use the kids club It does look like they may be in the same group (as mentioned in the response above - great advice) following the refitting of the Allure of the Seas, so this is a bonus - I think. LOL. Can't wait to get on board now (sadly we had to postpone this cruise from last year due to illness) so we are twice as excited this time. I hope each and everybody who took the time and trouble to respond to my question reads this message of thanks. 😀😀
  5. We are booked as a family to go on 7 night Cruise in August (Allure of the Seas). We are a family of four, myself, my husband, my son who is 12 and daughter who is 11. We have never cruised before. What and is there much to do as a family (apart from eat) in the evenings? We have spoken to them about the kids areas, and this is either going to be an enormous success for them, or will not work for them at all. Given their ages, I believe they will have to attend separate areas, which may not be the best, but then again a break from each other may be what they need. So many unknowns. It would be great if they did enjoy the kids entertainment giving me and dad an hour or two to enjoy a bit of time out, however, this will only happen if they really want this. Should they not want to go to these areas, do you think as a family we will find something/somewhere to go for 7 evenings? I would be very interested in other family experiences of cruising and keeping kids happy too. Many thanks for sharing any of your experiences.
  6. Hopefully everybody who has replied can see this BIG THANK YOU. Great tips and information. I will be checking out all the suggested forums too. I did put my name on the roll call. I think when I did this there were about three others, maybe it has grown, I am gonna have a look in a minute. Anyway, thanks again to everybody who took the time to reply. I appreciate that many questions become very repetitive.
  7. Thank you so much. Great information. I am a bit of a stresser. So any information I can gleam definitely helps. Thanks again.
  8. Oh my, I won't go into boring details, but we are finally all set to set sail on Royal Caribbean from Barcelona in July of this year - yayyy!!!! We booked cruise only and I have today booked our flights and two nights accommodation prior to cruise, this was a major task in itself for me. 🙂 We are a family of four (kids are 10 and 11) and have never cruised before. At present, apart from the itinerary, we have been given very little information from Royal Caribbean and not sure what information they will give us therefore any help you guys can give us to help prepare us would be very much appreciated. We intend getting a taxi to the cruise terminal on embarkation day. All information given would be very much appreciated, but of the top of my head here are some questions I can think I need answers to:- 1. What sort of time should we arrive at Terminal? 2. Again a question on time, do Royal Caribbean give you a time slot to arrive at terminal? 3. Are there lots of different cruise terminals within the Port? Will we know what one to tell the taxi driver to take us to? 4. What do we do with our luggage when we arrive at terminal? 5. How much and who do we tip? 6. Will it be horrendously busy? 7. Luggage labels? These are just a few of my questions, I may have more, and you may see my name pop up again. Thank you so much for any advice.
  9. Thank you for replying. I think hanging around all day will be tiring, Unfortunately no connecting flights but can get a couple of trains and taxi. I am 99% there with my decision now. LOL. Thanks again.
  10. Hello. First of all apologies if I have posted this on the incorrect board, there are so many. 🙂 A short explanation. me and my family are cruising in and out of Barcelona and are intending arriving in Barcelona two or three days before cruise departure. We have never cruised before (me, my husband, my 11 year old son and 10 year old daughter) so have no idea about disembarkation. We are flying into the UK with no flights booked as yet. We are trying to arrange these flights and hotels as I type. The time of the return flight on disembarkation day to our local airport is 22:05. There are flights earlier than this but flying into Gatwick some three hours away from where we live. My question is would you recommend we hang around for the later flight, or do you think after a lovely week on our cruise, we will just want to go home and should opt for the earlier flight to the airport some three hours away? How do you experienced cruisers feel? One minute my mind is made up, then I think ....... and again seeds of doubt enter and I change my mind ........ and I am so indecisive!!!!! ..... ...... and don't start me on hotels - LOL. Any advice/experiences given would be truly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance. MC
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