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  1. There's almost 13K people in my county that are 70+, so that's a lot of shots to do in addition to the 1a1 and 1a2 people (first responders, medical personnel, etc.) The first clinic was a disaster as it was first come, first serve, for 1a1 1a2, and 75+, with some people waiting 7 hours to get a shot. Now there is a website by county to sign up to be on the waiting list. They just finished the first shots for 75+ group Friday morning and started the 70+ the same day. My husband and I lucked out to be among the first in the 70+ group. Our 2nd shots of the Pfizer vaccine are already scheduled fo
  2. "we don’t think it’s actually going to happen, BTW. " Much As I hate to admit, I'm not sure it will happen either, unless the vaccine becomes available for everyone in time for the cruise and that's doubtful. Different health officials are setting different time lines for the vaccine but none are overly optimistic. The plan to distribute the vaccine has begun being developed, but the average person will be so far down the line in getting it.
  3. While I do know some people who have booked two cruises with NCL for the Fall of 2021 because of the deals that are being offered, I think they are the exception. Few people are willing to put their money on a cruise right now, no matter what the cruise line. Even with vouchers,people are being reluctant. There's too many unknowns as to when cruising will start, what the health and safety protocols will be, and what kind of restrictions there will be, particularly with being forced to use only excursions organized by the cruise line, which tend to be more expensive than ones you can book priv
  4. Agree with LHT28 about contacting your TA or Oceania regarding a price reduction. When the Ultimate Sale started, we noticed our fare changed by about $1100/person. Emailed O , figuring it would take several days for them to get back to me. Within 15 minutes I had a new invoice at the lower price for the same cabin, same cruise. No cancelling and re-booking involved.
  5. "but will never use them after this! " cruiser3525 - people are saying the same thing about Princess, MSC, and Crystal, to name just a few. Refunds are taking forever with most travel-related companies (airlines, tours, cruises, and even hotels). With little to no money coming in, all of these businesses are finding it extremely difficult to refund all of the monies that are due. Many aren't even being offered a refund. We weren't for one cruise, being promised a FCC of 150% in 6-8 weeks. When 9 weeks went by without getting the voucher, I bugged the director of guest services and
  6. "Florida never closes no matter the numbers - they have a very smart governor 😀" Definitely a personal opinion. FL has been a Covid hot sport for months. FL is third behind CA and TX with an excess of over 700K cases. With bars and restaurants reopening at full capacity, only time will tell what happens next.
  7. It can all come down to the vendor and who initiated the cancellation.. Even with the airlines, there are countless complaints about not getting refunds from the likes of Lufthansa, Ryanair, Easyjet, Virgin Atlantic, etc. The US airlines seemed to do a bit better with refunds or a future flight credit( FFC), even for non-refundable tickets. Many people cancelled trips because of Covid-19 before the airlines, tour company, or cruise line did. In that case, the normal cancellation penalties kick in. If you had a non-refundable plane ticket, then you aren't entitled to a refund. You w
  8. deec - no even those who have paid by credit cards are not necessarily getting their refunds either. Even with using credit cards, many are finding they are having problems. Those that have tried going the charge-back route have not always been successful. Depending on the bank, there is often a time limit for filing for a charge-back. For many, they have filed too late. Another issue is that the vendor is given a time frame in which to dispute the charge-back. Some vendors have disputed and won, so the charge-back has been denied. At that point the credit card company will close the ca
  9. IMO, all of the cruise & tour companies are pretty much in the same situation, as are the airlines. They simply don't have the money to pay out all of the refunds that are due and have little money coming in as people wait to see what the coronavirus situation will be before booking. Carnival, who owns several cruise lines announced about 10 days ago that they are adding a couple more ships to the list they are selling. They are also keeping 4 ships in dry-dock for the first half of 2021 and some trips will be cancelled. Holland America, Princess and Costa are also selling ships. It's not
  10. Bornfree, Your experience with Vantage is no different than thousands are experiencing wit other cruise lines. Read thru posts for other cruise lines here on Cruise Critic as well as the "Cruises" forum of TripAdvisor. People are complaining about being unable to contact the cruise line and especially about lack of refunds and/or the time it's been taking to getting them, if at all. Refunds have not even been an option in many cases, so people have had to accept a voucher (usually for an additional 25% or more) or re-book at the time of cancellation for some additional perks (upgr
  11. Trying to figure out a good price for a cruise is as bad as trying to do one for airfare. All of the cruise lines diddle with their offerings. On one offer the cabin price is lower, but other things cost more. Airfare is cheap but the cabin price goes up. It's all a big game. As is said with airfares, when you find a price you're comfortable with, go for it and don't look back. We also missed 5 days of sailing on the Rhine & Moselle in 2018, because of low water. We did do the Douro cruise last Fall and enjoyed it. A bit different, as there aren't many towns along the river wit
  12. Ural guy, scroll up a few posts and read what options we were offered at about the same time. We simply re-booked the same tulip-time cruise for the April 6th date you are referring to, using option #4. When we originally booked we got a great deal too, especially on the airfare. When we got the initial voucher for the new cruise, the airfare showed at what they were showing for 2021, and as we all know, that along with the cruise price had increased for 2021. That's pretty much standard procedure with cruises, at least for our other cruises we had booked for this year. After a few days, the
  13. That's OK. Was just wondering if we might be on the same cruise.
  14. Shmoo - when are you (hopefully) doing the Tulip cruise next year?
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