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  1. R0 is the rate of transmission. The Diamond Princess was the only closed system they could use for estimating the R0 for Covid-19. The profile of those onboard the ship is not consistent with the profile of the general population so comparing the R0 for the Diamond Princess to the transmission rate for the general population or other forms of transportation is comparing apples and oranges. Passengers were mainly in their 70’s and almost 50% had an underlying disease. Plus applying that to cruise ships today is another example of comparing apples to oranges. Cruise ships have ch
  2. I am glad some senators are pushing the CDC. I agree cruises should start and anything that gets the CDC moving is welcome. There is no data to show it is more hazardous than any other form of travel. (I do think individual countries should be free to ban cruise ships visits because it is within their purview). I do not believe everyone should be required to have a vaccination. I have been vaccinated and think the risk is not substantial for someone my age. There are educated people who understand how the vaccine was created that believe the roll that RNA has in cell expression may pose
  3. The cruise lines will still have all employees vaccinated. I will be vaccinated and based on comments most everyone else will be voluntarily vaccinated. I don’t see the problem. I will go on the cruise because I have been vaccinated.
  4. We did cancel the April 30 Marina cruise. I didn’t want another $10,000 tied up for several months when it takes so long for refunds. In Charleston, SC it appears vaccinations are going well. The State organization responsible for managing distribution keeps their web site up-to-date and they are taking appointments for those over 70 now - ahead of schedule. Apparently more healthcare workers and other high priority people have chosen not to get vaccinated than they expected. I know several people in their 70’s that got their first dose this week. You just call or go online to
  5. We are booked on the Marina 4/30/21 sailing from Athens. I am guessing most on this board think it will be cancelled. Is that correct?
  6. Thank you Regent! The majority of our refund showed up today as a credit to our credit card account. This was the refund for our cruise that we were supposed to depart for tomorrow.
  7. We just made the final payment for the Jan 3, 2021 Riviera cruise from Miami. I may be the eternal optimist but am still hoping that we may be able to go. We have been to all the Caribbean Islands many times and do not mind if they are not able to go to some of the ports. I’d volunteer to be on one of the trial runs. I agree with the posts above about no negativity from those who do not want to cruise. Seeing the announcement really made me excited. I feel so sorry for the people that have had their livelihoods destroyed by the shutdown.
  8. Explorer cruise scheduled to depart 11/6/20. Cancelled by Regent 10/5, refund requested 10/5, and refund request confirmed 10/5. For a point of reference we had booked our own airfare on Delta. I called to check if I could get it refunded or would only get an credit. They would refun because they cancelled the fights I originally booked and we had the refund within 72 hours;
  9. “The more ports the better”: You are right, the number of cases is not meaningful. For it to be meaningful you have to know the population it is taken from. Many people have multiple tests while they have Covid-19. People are more likely to be tested if they are sick. Tests are more readily available now and so more people get tested. So we have no idea which population has been sampled. My group of friends is the elderly segment of the population and I still only know one person who even had Covid and they have had no after effects. Other people have different friends and w
  10. I can’t wait for cruises to restart. If you can fly and stay at hotels there is no reason people should not have the freedom to cruise if they choose to do so. Giving people freedom to make choices is politically motived? Yes, I think it is great that lifetime bureaucrats who have no accountability for the downsides to shutting down industries and putting people out of business can be overruled by people that are accountable for their decisions. If you are uncomfortable with a cruise line’s safety protocols then you don’t have to cruise. Freedom is wonderful.
  11. I haven’t flown nearly as much as Tapi but my experience On Delta was very good. Everyone I could see complied and if you look at data it bears out his comments on the effectiveness of the airlines‘ procedures. In my opinion we’d all be a lot safer on a cruise ship than flying and going through airports.
  12. I agree that there is no reason that cruise ships are not allowed to sail. I was on the crowded flights and in crowded airports And busy hotels and restaurants In August and agree it is Safer and much easier to distance on cruise ships. It does seem as if cruise companies are being treated more harshly than other forms of travel. As I have posted several times I am ready to cruise any time. However, the countries are required to approve opening of ports and they have not done this. Our November Explorer cruise is about 7 weeks away. There is no way this cruise is going to sail with passe
  13. I agree it is ridiculous. I understand their cash flow issues, but I also have cash flow issues. We are booked on the Explorer November Barcelona to Dubai cruise. It is obviously not going. Barcelona cruise port is not open. Israel is not open for cruises. EU is not open for cruises for Americans. The only reason this was not cancelled at the end of August was because they want to hold onto our money. At this point I do not want FCC, I want my money back so my only alternative is to wait until they cancel. I do not think I will ever book another Regent cruise based on how they handled
  14. For clarification: 1) I do not quote secondary sources for data. The data quoted is not from some unknown website but from the CDC - look it up if you want. It takes time and some tenacity but I am used to data analysis. As they say, you can have your own opinion but not your own facts. I use t-tests to determine if there are significant differences between populations. 2) I do not use estimates or guesses (like the comment that the CDC thinks deaths are understated). This is not data and based on nothing more than someone’s opinion. 3) I posted informat
  15. Those eager to cruise again and interested in data would find it interesting what the CDC posted on their website this week. Guess how many of the US deaths attributed to Covid-19 had only Covid-19 listed on the death certificate. Would you guess maybe 40 - 50 %? No, the total was 6%! Only 6%. In addition the average # of comorbidities listed on the death certificates was 2.6. So over 50% of those that have died had at least 2 other serious diseases. If you go to the site you might also like to look at the actual data on total deaths versus time. It has really tailed-off. I haven’t see
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