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  1. Hope you enjoy x - both many pros and cons to both lines. Think we have some thinking to do back home... Appreciate that, but we were on celebrity in October on the infinity and there was a mass of training on board for the edge. The way it feels on HAL is the even almost 5 weeks in the staff are not fully trained and there is a Managment failing on the ship... but still say wow! It’s an amazing ship! Agree with the nice change, in a way it is. Had an amazing Meal in canelleto last night. Fod choices seem slightly less than I remember.
  2. Wow this ship is amazing! We’re on the 7 day holiday cruise / 3rd sailing for the ship. Still has the nice new ship smell ‘! there are only 2 negatives! And not sure if these are fleet wide.... Having big issues with beverage package every day. Apparently there is issues with the system, but each day we have had to visits guest services to try and remove charges that are inconsistent with the package.... now down to about $50 dispute... no consistency in where or when the charges are applied. spoke to F&B manager today who says this is effecting around 300 stateroom accounts, and every effort on land and sea is being made to fix it, but still no offer of a partial refund to compensate for the inconvenience of visiting guest services every day. Apparently no one on ship is empowered to make such a decision! Not even the captain! Unfortunately also had to raise the issue of poor services in the pinical last night... slow service, glasses / plates not cleared ... food too salty to eat (we were offered alternative dishes , but with the terrible service starting to ruin our Christmas evening turned it down. i appreciate that these points may sound trivial, but have to admit, this is our 12th cruise and 5th Christmas cruise we’re going to head back to Celebrity again next year. Which is a shame as this ship is amazing! And hopefully HA will wake up and realise this is not the start the ship deserves. any other guests having issues with drinks packages ? And remember - don’t leave it until the last day to check your bill!
  3. Hi there Thank you all for taking the time to provide feedback on my originalpost, there are many great comments given, and it has been interesting to readthem all. Thank you also for the great advice help & tips. Rather than quoting all the feed backs individually, thoughtit best to cover with one final post on the matter. I have had a response back from CC UK “I do apologise regardinginformation in relation to the loyalty discount for Internet Packages. It iscorrect that this discount is only applicable to the one device package and notto the newly released multiple device packages. Your comments have been forwardedto our web team for their review” My first word of caution is for those in the UK who chooseto book via the US… We do this occasionally but got caught out! With Brexit andthe drop in the £. A 2 week cruise endedup costing nearly £1000 pounds more (Hence we now stick to booking in the UK) .It would also be interesting to know if a cruise is booked in the US for UKcustomers, if the price guarantee covers this or if anyone has received theOBC. Pleased to say, that our next 2 cruises (booked) will bringus to Elite level, so look forward to the extra benefits as described in thethread. Let’s face it, the Perks are an added bonus, my only gripe is how they giveinformation about them, which in my opinion could be improved. This just makeslife difficult when trying to weigh up all your options. Thanks to the member who gave the 0800 number for CC in theUK, will keep this for all future calls, only a small charge, but with Networkcosts on top this can build up over the years. As regard to having 2 online devices, please don’t think weare 24/7 on line! There are some benefitsto having a connection each, such as having quiet times when we both want tocatch up with Friends, post on social media or upload our photos. We don’t necessarywant to plan our days separately to accommodate this. One connection each alsomakes way for a great way to communicate with each other when we are indifferent places on the ship (Via Whats’app or other services) – Still tryingto find out the T&C / User agreement of the Internet at sea packages. At the end of the day, we all have choices, but need clearand consistent information to make them. I hope that this tread is seen by Celebrity,and they take all the positive feedback as a pointer they almost there, andtake the few negative comments about the programe to help improve it further.
  4. Guessing there are some cultural differences of opinion here, and we are lucky in the UK to have consumer protection and some great loyalty programs with many companies. If I email the captains club - no response, the it costs 15p per minute to call them... Again - how can you make a claim there is a saving, but even with the saving, it can cost you more?
  5. Yep , but if your not careful, you it can cost you more - Ie Internet - Cheaper to buy 2 device package than 2 x 1 Device packages with discount...
  6. No but its all about how they treat their customers... They heavily promote the captains club on the UK website and list the benifits, but do not make it clear what the restrictions are ( A requirement of UK law)
  7. Because they are not providing or being clear what they are providing... (with specific reference to the UK website)
  8. Sorry all - its more around trying to plan the cruise around our budget, and what they are adverting on their website, I do appreciate its free, but it is there for a reason for its existence, and that is to keep us all traveling with Celebrity and rewards our loyalty to the line. Just think they need to be clearer around how they advertise it... Agreed I think the question I asked may be wrong! Also find it strange they offer "Celebrity Cruises Best Price Guarantee" to customer in the US, but not in the UK. All round feeling is they are trying to get every last penny out of us any way they can...
  9. Hi there Is there anyone out there who is feeling a little “hackedoff” with the Celebrity Captains Club as much as we are? We have sailed with Celebrity for a few years now, but haveonly just reached “Select Status” Firstly issue – Emailed the UK email address on the 28thJuly – and still no reply as of 9th August… Second issue – Tried to upgrade to C3 cabin, but informedthat this would not attract the C2 Price the only upgrades in C class are fromC1 to C2 – Could not find this clause on the Advertising. Third issue – Internet Discount – The web site claims 30%off first Internet package. Tried to get the discount on the current internetpackage for 2 Devices. Were informed that the discount only applies to the 1device price! Therefore the cost of the internet without discount for 2 Devicesworks out cheaper than the discounted price for 2 x Single internet packages. With all this misleading and unclear info – thinking ofcomplaining to ASA or Trading Standards! It has become more and more difficult toplan the cruise and keep within budget with all these “exceptions” Thinking of returning to HA!
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