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  1. Sorry that should read 2019 we stayed at the above!
  2. I went with my daughter in 2019 and we only had 2 days in St Petersburg and elected to do the one day tour to Moscow (we had no choice but to do a ships tour as none of the "big" companies do it when there is only an overnight stopover) - I must say it was cold, wet and generally miserable weather (which we were totally unprepared for) and a super long day leaving at 6am and returning about 1.30am but we smiled the whole time and so thoroughly enjoyed this tour and to this day are so pleased we did this tour and I would say it is if not close to the best tour I have ever done - worth every cent. The next day we managed to still see a bit of St Petersburg!
  3. In 2009 we stayed at the Hotel Bethel before and the Admiral after our cruise - loved both - so my thoughts on some of the differences the Admiral is a lot bigger and has bars, restaurants etc, with Hotel Bethel it is smaller and breakfast was included but no air con with the Admiral no breakfast but you can request a room with air conditioning which we did request and receive which was good. Hotel Bethel is right on the canal with all the restaurants etc and the hoho bus right on the doorstep with the Admiral is a little further down the road but still very easily walkable but the Admiral is closer to the Palaces. I would happily stay at either but would look at price and if both are equal would probably give the nudge to Hotel Bethel if it wasn't in summer. Jane
  4. The age of the prison, a glimpse into a long (and sad) history - the fact that it was only closed relatively recently and something different to end the day. It was only a short taxi ride to the terminal - on a side note it was one of the most memorable because of the taxi driver - we laughed all the way and still think very fondly of him!
  5. We went in August 2018 and it was so hard to organise a tour in Qaortoq but I am so so glad my persistence paid off - we did one of the best most memorable tours here - fast boat to a glacier - passing miles of icebergs was just magical the details of who we used are below Greenland Sagalands Qaqortoq Tourist Service Post box 128 3920 Qaqortoq Tlf. +299 64 24 44 Cell. Phone +00 299 49 37 41 www.sagalands.com In Nanortalik we happily walked and toured the village
  6. I second Hotel Bethel where we stayed pre cruise - post cruise we stayed at Admiral Hotel which was also very good (steps from the palaces)
  7. Apart from walking the streets of the Old Town we caught a taxi to and found the Tallinn Prison a fascinating place to visit also!
  8. I recently had trouble also - I rang Princess (even though I had booked through a TA who I might add was OS so couldn't get her help) and had no problem booking through their rep - they said there is sometimes a glitch!!!!
  9. OK so my 2cents worth now my money has finally gone into the bank I want to also express my bitter disappointment with Scenic - I too was sucked in by the glossy brochures/video - without going too much into it the likelihood of being able to do this again with my daughter is slim - nothing serious just timing with dd finishing uni, jobs and several other factors etc etc etc We had planned well in advanced paid the high non refundable deposit 18 months early again etc as others did - whilst you can never say never I with 99.9% certainty will never consider this company in the future. The fact they were ringing my TA on the Friday (payment was due on the following Tuesday) asking for payment a few days early (thankfully she said she would pay on the due date) - to be honest I find that quite unconsciable. With their "generous" rebooking option it would have cost me several thousand more for the same cruise - nope not for me customer service attrocious even if it is only now I have received my money.
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