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  1. I recently had trouble also - I rang Princess (even though I had booked through a TA who I might add was OS so couldn't get her help) and had no problem booking through their rep - they said there is sometimes a glitch!!!!
  2. OK so my 2cents worth now my money has finally gone into the bank I want to also express my bitter disappointment with Scenic - I too was sucked in by the glossy brochures/video - without going too much into it the likelihood of being able to do this again with my daughter is slim - nothing serious just timing with dd finishing uni, jobs and several other factors etc etc etc We had planned well in advanced paid the high non refundable deposit 18 months early again etc as others did - whilst you can never say never I with 99.9% certainty will never consider this company in the future. The fact they were ringing my TA on the Friday (payment was due on the following Tuesday) asking for payment a few days early (thankfully she said she would pay on the due date) - to be honest I find that quite unconsciable. With their "generous" rebooking option it would have cost me several thousand more for the same cruise - nope not for me customer service attrocious even if it is only now I have received my money.
  3. I am another out hundreds of dollars and one of the things that really annoys me is they rang my TA for final payment on the Friday which was due on the Monday and on the Monday they cancelled my cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!! apart from the appalling treatment and "goodwill" that really really gets me - I agree seek clarification in writing that your cruise is going ahead prior to making final payment as I am sure you will forfeit your deposit otherwise as per their terms and conditions
  4. I believe we are going enter around 5am we are anchored for the night
  5. thank you for that - unfortunately there seems to be very limited info out there - I suppose we will soon find out - is anyone else on December 6 sailing?? Jane
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