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  1. Fergusdad

    Britannia Sail Away Parties

    Sound more like an event at Butlins - I shall avoid it like the plague.
  2. Fergusdad

    South Carribean Island Currency

    Thanks dronnygirl, I thought that might be the case. We have friends travelling to Florida in November so will ask them to hold on their dollar notes.
  3. Hello. Just looking to tips on the best currency to take when visiting Bonaire, Aruba, St Vencent and Grenada please? Will probably just be buying coffees etc. Thanks
  4. Fergusdad

    P&O Britannia - Sea Day - Video

    Emma I was hope for a lot more video for the ship and not you talking the camera
  5. Fergusdad

    P&O Excursions

    Thank, I have found that now .
  6. Fergusdad

    P&O Excursions

    Thank you Sandancer, I will have a look now.
  7. Fergusdad

    P&O Excursions

    Hello, this is my first Thread so please be gentle with me. I am sailing on Brittania Feb '19 and just been informed of the excursions on offer. Does anyone know when P&O advise of the start times as I do not really want to get up early to breakfast and disembark at 8am. Also, will I be advised of the docking and departure time from each port at some point. Thank you for you time.