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  1. I’m not much of an alcohol drinker myself but I purchased Cheers because I wanted to try a few different alcohol drinks I normally would not buy. I tried a chocolate martini 🤮 I tried several fruity fancy drinks 🥴 I had several Corona beers each day 🤪 but for me it was worth the cost to have a couple of specialty coffees each morning then a few energy drinks through the day. I was really loving the two a day milkshakes in the afternoon and evenings. The ladies at the coffee bar were happy to make different coffee shakes or put shots of liquor in the shake. I’m not sure if I broke even with the cost but it was more about enjoying a vacation and trying anything and everything and not worrying about how much something cost. I even had some incredible conversation with people I met at the bar because I would not normally hangout at a bar. I say if your budget allows it go for Cheers, and when you get that glass of wine at the bar raise your glass and say Cheers!!!!!!!
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