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  1. I’m not much of an alcohol drinker myself but I purchased Cheers because I wanted to try a few different alcohol drinks I normally would not buy. I tried a chocolate martini 🤮 I tried several fruity fancy drinks 🥴 I had several Corona beers each day 🤪 but for me it was worth the cost to have a couple of specialty coffees each morning then a few energy drinks through the day. I was really loving the two a day milkshakes in the afternoon and evenings. The ladies at the coffee bar were happy to make different coffee shakes or put shots of liquor in the shake. I’m not sure if I broke even with the cost but it was more about enjoying a vacation and trying anything and everything and not worrying about how much something cost. I even had some incredible conversation with people I met at the bar because I would not normally hangout at a bar. I say if your budget allows it go for Cheers, and when you get that glass of wine at the bar raise your glass and say Cheers!!!!!!!
  2. Just keep going back and checking. I have found it available at random times. Once at 2:00 am and once at 11:00 in the afternoon. Just be ready to jump on it when you find the “SOLD OUT” banner gone.
  3. We Ate in the Steakhouse on Freedom in mid December on the first night and counted six people having dinner. I agree with Art of the Table being an interesting dessert. I couldn’t understand much of what the chef was saying as he created this dessert , but it was an awesome presentation. Lol I felt obligated to eat the whole thing after he worked so hard. But to your question, I’m sure you could easily be seated within a reasonable time.
  4. I agree that’s a good time to try something new. I usually try something new on each cruise or my GF will put something onto my plate when she thinks I’m not looking.
  5. Thank God you own a restaurant , because I was thinking you knew waaayy to much about snails!!! I personally have never tried them and don’t see myself ever getting past the negative image I have of eating them. I’m pretty much a Guys Burger type on the cruise but if I had enough of those free alcohol drinks (700.00 dollar cheers package) I might try one. I live in South Texas and was forced to try Menudo one time, so I might man up and try one.
  6. I need to rush to market some kind of snail smuggling device. Like rum runners but for snails. Maybe call it escargot cargo runners
  7. Happy Birthday early. We are under 30 days out for a 7 day cruise. Sailing on Freedom Dec. 7
  8. I just noticed FTTFwas available for Freedoms December 8 cruise. The current date and time, October 29 at 9:00 pm
  9. Ok I wasn’t planning on getting married on the cruise lol. But I’m sure that would be very romantic except apparently you have to be a contortionist to get 2 regular sized people in the tub with sliding doors and a very narrow and small tub. But hey we love a challenge, so if the ship is rockin don’t come a ...... well you know.
  10. :o Oh my. Best response ever !!!hopefully you had someone to rub that Buddha belly for ya , lol
  11. Great , thanks for the reply. Most likely will just be enjoying a drink while we relax
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