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  1. For oatmeal, the bran is removed from ground oats, while porridge, in the form of a dish or recipe, is named after the type of grain used to make it. An example of this is cornmeal, which is porridge made from corn. In this same way, porridge made from oats is called oatmeal.
  2. 27 Oct 2021 from Brilliance to Jewel (sister ships - same deck plans) Overnight Monday reassignment was completed Showed different cabin number Dummy booking showed (and still does) all suites “Sold Out” Called first thing Tuesday morning - Customer service answered on first ring. Surprised!! Stated I was put in a different cabin from what I originally booked. She switched me back to my original cabin number! Reconfirmed dining time desired Beds configured as a single bed Dining for two Where was a $193 price increase (current cruise f
  3. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article146913574.html Says North Carolina started offering enhanced Drivers Licenses April 2017??
  4. Go to "Plan a Cruise", choose Sailing from "any departure port", choose "South America & Caribbean", only choice is "San Juan, Puerto Rico"!
  5. We go on same ship & itinerary next March! Please copy & post the Compasses! Thanks in advance!
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