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  1. Thanks! I read that and that is what they read to your when you call Princess on the phone. I have been told that with any excursion that involves a boat and water, they need to be on the manifest (something to do with the coast guard rules). I added her on that one for now, but will keep on following up to see if she can be added w/o paying full child pricing. If it were just my husband, her and myself, we would book outside of the ship, but my parents insist on booking with Princess.
  2. Hey Everyone! I have looked all over, talked with Princess on the phone, talked to my travel agent and still can't get a straight answer about if we have to pay for shore excursions for our 17 month old! I'm an experienced cruiser, but this is my first time cruising Princess and cruising in Alaska. My baby has been on a cruise when she was 7 months old and we didn't pay for the excursion, but it was in Mexico and we booked on board. For those of you who have booked whale watching excursions (or any other excursions for that matter) through Princess in Alaska, did you pay for your baby under 2? Did you book in advance? The answer they are giving us is pay for her in advance and you MAY get some money back when you visit the shore excursion desk on the ship. That's not a good enough answer for me. Will we or won't we? She isn't walking yet and can sit on my lap for any excursion a seat is involved. Any advice is appreciated!!! I'd love to hear actual scenarios! We are a group of 7, 6 adults and 1 toddler, so we'd love to get these booked sooner than later.
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