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  1. Kate (Celebrity Edge) recently posted on her Instagram that Royal Caribbean (and all sister brands, including Celebrity) have had full authorization to use the pier at Cococay to swap crew. However, they're not allowed onto the actual island. That said, that doesn't enable crew who aren't already on a ship to reach another.
  2. Unfortunate, but the cardinal rule is while on the ship, try to fix any problems. Dealing with post-cruise support will consistently be a nightmare.
  3. On my Harmony and Symhony sailings, not only was the event open to everyone, I received invitations. These were my first 2 sailings with Royal Caribbean. I think the events are now just an event honouring top tier members as opposed to being exclusive for them.
  4. I think this is the best answer that you'll get. Coco Cay is owned and managed by the cruise line. Therefore, they will likely be very strict around requirements. That said, nobody here will be able to guarantee you anything. Therefore, on the day of, you may be lucky. Or... you may have someone that is going by the rules.
  5. Not helpful to OP's situation. However, on my August 2019 Symphony cruise, the DDD was clearly already out the door. Nobody told me at all that I had a free lunch at Jamie's Italian. There was no paperwork in the room. No guidance on the free gambling lessons. I asked if there was an explanation on it and nobody had anything. I just went to Jamie's, made the reservation myself, and they basically gave me an "empty" bill to sign. Royal wants nothing to do with this.
  6. There are also WowBands... Available for $4.99/each on embarkation day (and free for suite guests). Can do everything that the SeaPass does, except leave the ship. Much more practical, especially for kids.
  7. Heck, when I booked my summer 2019 cruise, in a 7 day span, the price was fluctuating by over $1,000. This was around 45 days out. There really is no predictable pattern.
  8. You need your SeaPass to get on/off the ship. WowBands are not sufficient. Therefore, even if the WowBand works for water park entry, it doesn't really solve the issue. That said, there are free lockers (where you set a combination) right next to the slides.
  9. This is really going to be a YMMV (your experience may vary) type of situation. There's no "hard" rules. You just need to be getting 1 drink at a time and the servers need to be comfortable that you're not sharing. Definitely no daily maximum... But assume that Royal Caribbean "big brother" is monitoring just in case something seems off.
  10. Never happened to me, but I did hear a room attendant telling someone shortly after sailaway to head down for their bags. I also saw a stream of people coming out of the elevators with suitcases. Though, I think if you don't claim your bag within 15 minutes of sailaway, they throw it overboard. Or is that the New Years alcohol speaking... 🙂
  11. Out of curiousity, what are their quotas? On my recent Symphony sailing, I was approached often in the Promenade on embarkation day. Likewise, on the first night, there were people approaching tables in the MDR. However, that quickly stopped as the week progressed.
  12. Are your travel docs ready? The 2 are usually linked. All that said, easiest way to find out is to call... All you'll get here is speculation.
  13. Technically the main dining room on deck 4 has tables with porthole views... But I'd hardly call that anything exciting.
  14. From what I've read, this is the normal procedure for the annual president's cruise. I followed the threads this week pretty closely and it seems like this sailing is particularly designed for the most loyal members.
  15. The champagne was for all returning guests on my sailing, or at least, so I thought. I was gold and got that on Symphony in August.
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