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  1. They can change the itinerary by the contract but I feel they were deceptive in the advertising of this cruise and several of the cruises in that time frame. I asked them twice to move the cruise date and they said no. I promised my wife we would go to the Bahamas for our honeymoon and so I cancelled the trip so I can take her where she wants to go. I spent three days on the phone with them and the legal department. I asked if I could fly to the Bahamas when we stopping in Miami and they said no I could not get back on the boat. They made no effort to help us.
  2. My wife and I booked the Visions of the Sea for a Jan 2019 cruise to the Bahamas. Specifical to see the highly advertised Coco Cay by RC. We paid for the whole trip and then a month later RC substituted Miami for our beach day at Coco Cay. We tried to change dates and they refused. The RC agents kept telling us about the great day we would have in Miami. I didn't pay for a cruise to Miami. I feel like it is false advertising and deceptive too. I have been on cruises where they can't stop somewhere due to weather of other problems but we are 4 months away from this cruise and they change itineraries after the boat is almost full. We cancelled the cuise and they are keeping $800 dollars. They say they will give us back $300 on our next booking. That will never happen! And I hear they cancelled on several other boats. Some smart lawyer is going to look at deceptive trade practises and get a class action suit going on this one. Someone at Royal Carribean was aware of the changes to Coco Cay. I hope RC feels the same pain my wife and I are feeling. This was supose to be our honeymoom cruise.
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