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  1. Yes, 5 night cruise to Bermuda leaving this Saturday. Being it’s our first cruise, I wasn’t sure how seriously they took rough waters, and realistically how badly Florence would affect that travel path. I’m sure they’re very well skilled in handling these conditions - but of course hearing from the news how catastrophic this hurricane is, it has me worry about sailing out.
  2. Thank you for the reassurance!! We’re very fortunate to live close to the Bayonne port, so travel won’t be an issue. My biggest concern is the rough waters and knowing when/if to cancel. Of course family and friends are telling horror stories of traveling on choppy waters and being stuck inside all day. My boyfriend and I decided to wait until Friday to see if they re-route us up North. With trip insurance we get back 75% of what we paid if we choose to cancel- so could be an option if for some reason RC decides to sail to Bermuda still. Just seems like a waste of a trip if it’s going to be rough sailing out and rain the entire time we’re there. This all depends on how bad Florence turns out to be, so for now it’s a waiting game :)
  3. Hi there - We're scheduled to cruise this upcoming Saturday, September 15th out of Bayonne NJ on Anthem of the Seas with RC. I'm very nervous regarding the weather & rough seas. This is our first cruise, so I'm not well versed with the protocol, but I've heard it's very rare cruise lines cancel their itinerary entirely. Anyone particularly savvy with the track of this storm? In my mind, if it's hitting NC and SC on Thursday, then perhaps the waters will be a little more settled 2 days later? I really don't know much, and was hoping some seasoned cruisers could provide guidance :) Best case scenario is we re-route North, but I'm honestly not sure how Hurricane Florence will affect that as well!
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