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  1. Our cruise from Malta to Dubai has been cancelled by P and O because of the troubles in Hormuz.
  2. We embarked the ship in Shanghai. All the crew and passengers who disembarked or did not want to get off the ship had to go to immigration before we were allowed on. (i.e. everybody).
  3. We found the tv and the programmes/films offered very good.
  4. What exactly is a paid wait list and how does it work?
  5. Cosol himself was murdered in July 2018. I was told the company is now run by has sister.
  6. We went through Changi airport in Jan, what a fabulous airport it is. Whichever hotel you choose just ask the concierge to order a taxi and confirm the price.
  7. There is a transit hotel within the terminal, just Google it. Changi airport is fantastic. Have a good trip.
  8. We stayed at the Ramada by Wyndam which our taxi driver said is used by pilots. It was 25 mins from airport and taxi fare was about S$20.
  9. I believe they were travelling twov but because of the missed flight they didn't have forward travel. Thus they didn't qualify twov, they carried on until Japan. We were on Princess.
  10. Just a word of caution if you arrive by ship. Sapphire Princess was delayed arriving in Shanghai due to fog, this meant people missed their flight home. As a result they had no confirmed onward travel and thus were not allowed to disembark, they had to stay on the ship until the next port of call. All this meant huge delays for our embarkation, we spent six hours in the hangar waiting and some spent longer.
  11. There isn't a queue for the first machine, self service. If you make a mistake on the form you have to go to the back of the queue! There is no sense of urgency with the officials, just one was on duty when we arrived.
  12. We took the ship tranfer to Ho Chi Min and then toured on our own. In Bangkok we too a ship tour, it is a huge place.
  13. The cruise terminal is miles away fom public transport or so it appeared to me. We used taxi from hotel to port and fast train and subway from airport to hotel. Beware taxi drivers, we heard some terrible stories of overcharging and even putting people out in the middle of nowhere.
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