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  1. We have not. We are already booked on the Harmony TA next year so an L&S would not work for us. I know we are not going on the Allure TA, even if it magically sails. I have already cancelled all my cruiseplanner purchases and gotten the refunds. Have cancelled the hotel in Barcelona. I will cancel the air portion soon and then decide if we want to roll the dice for the potential 25% return on our money. Today's odds are 3-1 against making final payment. mac_tlc
  2. Looks like they are not that much further behind than normal:: Are you making progress on U.S. passport applications? Yes. Every Thursday, we will publish U.S. passport statistics in the table below so you can track our weekly progress as staff at our agencies and centers safely work on applications. You can find historical U.S. passport statistics on our Reports and Statistics page. Week (Thursday-Wednesday) Applications Received Passports Awaiting Issuance Passports Issued This Week (July 2-8) 112,000 1.43 million 188,000 Last Week (June 25-July 1) 133,000 1.51 million 236,000 2 Weeks Ago (June 18-24) 134,000 1.61 million 187,000 *The number of passports currently awaiting issuance is only a slight increase compared to what we have awaiting issuance in normal circumstances during July. Passports issued July 2-8 were lower this week than the previous weeks because of the July 4th federal holiday.
  3. Glad it appears they have removed the "X". We sailed the Solstice back in 2010 and I did a lot of documenting of the infamous "X". We had a balcony with a partial X view. Here is a list of all the hump cabins and whether they had no "X", a full"X" or a partial "X" :: Cabins with full “X” : 6220, 6230, 6221, 6231, 7272, 7278, 7227, 7233, 8240, 8242, 8267, 8269, 9280, 9282, 9225, 9227 Cabins with partial “X” : 6218, 6222, 6228, 6232, 6219, 6223, 6229, 6233, 7270, 7274, 7276, 7280, , 7225, 7229, 7231, 7235, 8238, 82448265, 8271, 9278, 9284, 9223, 9229 Cabins with No “X” : 6216, 6224, 6226, 6234, 6217, 6225, 6227, 6235, 7266, 7268, 7282, 7284, 7221, 7223, 7237, 7239, 8232, 8234, 8236, 8246, 8248, 8250, 8259, 8261, 8263, 8273, 8275, 8277, 9272, 9274, 9276, 9286, 9288, 9290, 9217, 9219, 9221, 9231, 9233, 9235 Here is a picture of the side of the ship and the "X", as well as some of our balcony where you can see the "X".
  4. Another Update: received the credit for my cancelled drink package (@ $18!!!😔😔) today. 12 days from day of cancellation, with the credit card company taking 6 of that. Still waiting for cash refunds, FCCs, re-issued FCCs, and FCCs converted to cash refund anywhere from 10 to 110 days. mac_tlc
  5. This is a very interesting thread. I have given it some thought and, well, didn’t come up with anywhere, except maybe Rome. There are a lot of places that we really, really enjoyed, but we are not beach people for more than a day so there is no beach place that I would go and stay... would be very bored. Some mobility challenges affect lots of other options.. we are not hiking the Alps. Really liked Amsterdam, but a couple days pre-cruise is perfect. Probably a minority opinion on this thread, but this is the reason we like to cruise so much. I guess we really like the sampler plate as opposed to the all-you-can-eat option. A few hours ashore, maybe a few hours at Maho beach, a little shopping, them back to the ship. Tomorrow? Rinse and repeat! The responses are a good read, though, and have given me ideas on places I’d like to cruise to! mac_tlc
  6. I cancelled the only one I had for the Allure TA. I’m sure I would have lost it anyway so might as well start the refund click sooner. mac_tlc
  7. I think we all need a week off now and then. mac_tlc
  8. I'm tempted to give her a whirl at some point. Aft suite area looks inviting. mac_tlc
  9. Update: Refunds for three cruiseplanner items posted to credit card today, 6/30. Total of about $290. I cancelled them on 6/19. Interestingly, once they were visible today on my credit card account on-line, they had a 6/24 posting date. So the credit card company is in no hurry either. There was also a mystery credit of $406.62 with the same posting date. Must be a portion of something because that amount doesn't match anything I am waiting for. Will have to wait for the other pieces to post. mac_tlc
  10. I have already cancelled all my cruiseplanner purchases for the Allure TA. It has been 11 days with nothing yet. I was seriously considering making the final payment to get the 125% and roll it to the Harmony TA next year. But now, it’s unlikely I will make the final payment. I’m waiting for a variety of FCCs, reissued FCCs, cruiseplanner refunds, refunds from cancelled cruises, FCCs converted to refunds, taxes/fees refunds, with the elapsed time anywhere from 5 to 102 days. I think that’s enough. Bad enough I’ll have to wait who knows how long to get the Allure deposit as an FCC. Too bad—- if they had managed this process a little better, they may have gotten more final payments. mac_tlc
  11. That is what is so frustrating. You get the impresssion that you have to call—- which should be the opposite of what Royal should want you to do. Especially for refunds that are automated (I assume) every day process such as cruise planner refunds. Given the time frame I experienced, it seems like if you hadn’t called, it would not have happened. Royal has lost some loyalty and lustre in my eyes in how they have butchered the refund process. mac_tlc
  12. I think the biggest difference is the Oasis Lagoon at CocoCay. Before we went to CoCo Cay, I was pretty sure I liked Labadee better. But after experiencing the Lagoon, we like Coco Cay better. We are not big beach people so having the huge pool and swim up bar is nice. I would take either right about now. mac_tlc
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