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  1. My disappointment lies in the seemingly dramatic increase in prices. The Captains Club changes are, unfortunately, the rule as opposed to the exception with most loyalty programs. The AI change seems to have increased suite prices too —- even though they had the perks included anyway. We have three X cruises booked, all pre-COVID and all on Sky Suites. On average, the current prices for those sailings are up about 45%, and future prices are crazy. $500pppd is too rich for us. For a non suite, the AI change has raised prices beyond where we find value. mac_tlc
  2. Well, two year delay but I was able to get the 4 bedroom Villa Suite on Harmony on August 21, 2022. Consider it a reschedule of our August 16, 2020 one. It was the only date from mid-June to mid -August where the room was available on Harmony or Symphony. BTW, Harmony’s Western itinerary is “uninspiring”. Doesn’t even go west of Jamaica...... mac_tlc
  3. Sounds like my 9-night Equinox cruise in May is in jeopardy. Let’s hope some decision is known before final payment is due in February. mac_tlc
  4. The balcony of the most forward lofts can be seen from deck 15, if someone wants to look up at them. Also the balconies get slightly larger as you move towards the center. We prefer something close to the doors, near center, maybe 4 or 5 from the front. We never care which side. mac_tlc
  5. Indeed it can . Coupled with the FlightAware app, I can blow an entire evening. mac_tlc
  6. Area near Berry Head right now:
  7. I love the marine traffic app! It’s more fun when ships are sailing! This is what it looks like off the coast of Freeport, Bahamas this morning!!
  8. Bingo! Given the cruises and points lost on 2020, I won’t be far from where I would have been anyway. I bet that is the case with a lot of folks. I’m not convinced that by the end of 2021 that there will be many more folks at any level than there was going to be anyway if they sailed in 2020. Much ado about nothing....... mac_tlc
  9. We have done a junior, grand, crown loft, and Aquatheatre suite on Oasis class. Between the Sky class, the CL is hard to beat—- unless the stairs are a mobility issue. On Oasis and Allure, the upstairs shower is awesome, two bathrooms are great, fab views, and a feeling of openness in the downstairs area due to the two stories. Don’t minimize the adjacency to SL and CK — we find it super convenient. like @twangster, we definitely prefer the side view CL’s. mac_tlc
  10. Exactly. And if it is in conjunction with raising capital, it never reads positive. It needs to list all possible risks to the company, and there are always a lot of them —- for any company—— especially a cruise line in 2020. For a positive spin, read the next earnings release press release, regardless of the quarterly results. Different audiences, different spin. mac_tlc
  11. Over the last couple years, its been shaking out like this: If its us and the kids/grandkids , then its Royal If its just us, then its Celebrity. mac_tlc
  12. I voted for Celebrity. Luminae is better than Coastal Kitchen. On Oasis class, Royal Suite Lounge has a killer view, although we did like atmosphere in Retreat Lounge On Edge. We really like that Celebrity includes(usually) the 4 perks with Suites. Liked butler on Celebrity, although we didn’t make very many requests. mac_tlc
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