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  1. Looking forward to your review! We will be joining you next week. Heading down on the auto train on Wednesday , stop at our house in Orlando. Then driving down to PE on Saturday morning. We have a 2:30 check in time and are in a SS. mac_tlc
  2. I was having a difficult time for about 5 days. It worked maybe 10% of the time. Today when I tried it, I noticed that it redirected me to the UK site (secure.royalcaribbean.co.uk) and it worked every time. Weird. If they did a system “upgrade” that caused this issue, they need to back it out. mac_tlc
  3. The email we received for our 8/15 Allure cruise said this. Our situation is interesting as we have the 2 bedroom Aquatheatre Suite, with six fully vaccinated adults and two unvaccinated children, 9 and 3. Can the kids stay on board with mom and dad while the other vaccinated folks go ashore. Can the kids stay with grandma and grandpa while Mom and Dad go ashore? We shall see. I have asked our genie this specific question but have not received a response yet. Maya Chan is not open yet in Costa Maya, so we will be fine either way, but I really need to get off in Cozumel to get some va
  4. Thank you, everyone is doing well. We board the Edge on 7/31, then a week at/near Disney , then we board the Allure of the Seas on 8/15. All adults in our group are vaccinated, grandkids will be on Allure with us and are too young to be jabbed. We have an Aquatheater Suite so there is plenty of room and the kids will probably stay on board except at CoCoCay. We will roll with the punches and protocols, just good to be back at sea. Will most likely post during each cruise and I may live stream ( used to be Periscope 😢) too. mac_tlc
  5. I am getting the same message for my 8/15 sailing. Tried clearing cache, incognito, ----- no help.
  6. Sorry for your rocky start, and for the snarky comments. It doesn’t seem very difficult to have a few benches on that sidewalk, it certainly is big enough. We sail in two weeks in a SS and have a 2:30 check in time. We will be there at 2:15 or so. Couple hours on the ship is not worth the possibility of snaking through a hot line in the sun in FL in July with no seats. We will be at Disney after the cruise——- no reason to practice waiting in line in the heat. Either adhere to the times for all, or provide some reasonable facilities knowing it seems everyone wants to be first for some
  7. I’m glad they reversed their decision. As is so often the case nowadays, the pendulum swings too far one way but eventually settles near a reasonable answer. The three options should help eliminate the trash blocks, while also helping those who fly and are concerned about packing them in luggage. Good result. mac_tlc
  8. That language was included in the protocols we received for our August Allure sailing from Port Canaveral.
  9. We have had a genie once on Oasis in a 2BDR Aquatheatre Suite and will have our second experience on Allure on 8/15, also in a AQ Suite. In fact, we just received our first e-mail yesterday from our genie, Smitha. The prior summaries are very good. We had 8 in our room, so there were a lot of schedule changes that our genie handled without a hitch. The frig was ridiculously stocked with whatever you want. I think they had to add additional staff in the laundry for all the stuff we sent them!!! The best item we requested was popcorn and shakes from Johnny Rockets
  10. Too bad. We enjoy them. Hope they don’t run out on Allure on their first cruise back, I am due one on our 8/15 sailing. With the double points they will go quickly. mac_tlc
  11. And here she is. I can see our Aquatheater Suite for the 8/15 sailing!!
  12. Just got a MoveUp email for our 7/31 Edge sailing. We are currently in a SS. Options and min bids are: Iconic Suite-$3500pp Penthouse Suite -$3000pp Edge Villa -$2000pp Royal Suite - $1500pp Celebrity Suite - $1000pp Only category still available id the Celebrity Suite and it is about $2500pp more than we paid for our SS. At those levels, we will pass although Id love an Edge Villa. mac_tlc
  13. Too funny! We also need to refill our supply. We usually get it in Coz. We have an Allure sailing in August that stops at both ! mac_tlc
  14. Here is what their web site says about masks and August Florida sailings:: Masks and Physical Distancing When indoors, CDC guidelines require all guests 2 and older to wear masks unless they are actively eating or drinking. The CDC does make allowances for guests to remove their masks in venues and events dedicated to fully vaccinated parties. Since so many of our guests are vaccinated, you’ll find plenty of these opportunities. Masks are not required in your stateroom when you are with your traveling party, outside on the open decks, or at Perfect Day at CocoCay, unless in
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