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  1. When has a thread ever survived the original post. 🙂
  2. Applied in last week of March. Still nothing
  3. Sad but true words from many sources on this thread. Cruise ships do their best to contain a whole host of problems from health, sanitation...drunken @$$ hats. But their design is not conducive to this type of viral avoidance. This virus is gonna be a pain in the derriere to eradicate from the amount of surfaces and with the amount of passengers on ships. Also as with most viruses they just keep mutating. It could mutate into something harmless, or something worse. I love cruising and in the last few years am doing it much more often as our kids have/will be leaving home and
  4. While I agree eventually they'll have to raise prices to offset the losses from the fire sale prices they're using to put anyone on ships at the moment if you know you want to cruise again in 6 -8 - 10 months, book right away. Currently latitude pricing for cruises is great. Example, December 14 Day Sydney Aus, around NZ and return is about 2000 per person Balcony with all perks. That don't suck! So book once you get your refund (should you wish to cancel) and get a higher cabin/longer cruise.
  5. Actually it's good for 2 years and 9 months. "Anyone choosing to cancel will receive a full refund in the form of a future cruise credit to be used for sailings that embark through December 31, 2022." So...
  6. The FAQ you can follow from the letter is that ANY cruise, regardless of when you booked, inside that time window, Mar 10 to end Sept is eligible for a credit if you call after Mar 10th
  7. Aah, I misunderstood, I thought you were upset because you cancelled before the new policy came out. And it may have been useless for you but for us we're within 2 weeks of going. We couldn't cancel. So our bacon is saved, financially. Not because we want to cancel, but now we can if it gets worse.
  8. Check your email...not refund but 100% future credit!
  9. And waiting was worth it. Still on the fence but leaning towards a resched. That's 6.2K (ok, that's Cdn, but still a ***** locker full of money) for a future cruise. Maybe add that last few thousand next year and party in the haven. Aaah, Haven.
  10. Going on a cruise out of Tampa in 3.5 weeks. Not cancelling since I don't want to lose 100 Percent of every thing. Now if I get there, or before, and THEY cancel, well at least I'll get the cruise money back or a 100 Percent credit (which I'll happily use). Worst case scenario, I spend a week or two in Tampa/Orlando/Miami. Win Win
  11. Being a Canuck I also have experienced this situation. My solution...screw the company website and go onto Expedia or other site. The prices aren't any different, and usually they have extras that the companies have negotiated with them that are add ons. Went to a dedicated HA presentation by one of the TA's in the area and the HA Reps said not to use their page and to use the TA's site because of the same reason I already mentioned. Good Luck
  12. Happy New Year. Hope you had a chance to get to the Cowichan Valley for some Timmies.
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