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    Following... I've got the 4 hour Misty Fjord excursion booked, but it's also not until May. 🙂
  2. Can we blame HAL for promising something that isn't within their control then? It seems to me if it's advertised, they should have a way to provide it.
  3. I just came across this more detailed description of the issue on NPS's website: https://www.nps.gov/dena/learn/nature/pretty-rocks.htm. It shows the alternatives to the current routing along with the next steps for right now.
  4. This is kind of like the airlines' complimentary upgrades for elites. It used to be an upgrade to first class, but now it's usually premium economy (coach with about 3" more legroom). So imagine you've already selected a desirable seat in coach (say, the exit row, which has extra pitch to aid evacuation), and on check-in, you find yourself "upgraded" to a middle seat with less room. To the OP, sorry to hear CO wasn't as expected, and I agree "upgrade" in this context is a bit dubious, but it sounds as though HAL did you right by canceling and refunding the upgrade against their normal terms.
  5. Oh, for 8 people, that's enough of a price difference that I'd consider it, especially if you think you might have opportunity to go back at some point.
  6. Lol, wear white here today and you can be camo’d. (But seriously, I’m actually glad to finally see it snow here. This is the first year in a while I haven’t needed a break from the cold, since it hasn’t been cold.)
  7. I haven’t been yet, but from reading this forum for the last year or so, I know the correct answer is the one with Glacier Bay. 😉 The itinerary looks to be the same apart from that. Is the price about the same between the two?
  8. I don’t have any experience with this bus, but I think the bit about there not being a customs process is because you’ll be arriving from another port in Alaska, so you’ve already entered the U.S. Right now Princess is the only cruise line arriving and departing at Whittier, so I assume the bus would be timed for it.
  9. Same. I haven't been but it looks like one of the shorter Bahamas cruises would make a nice budget getaway. The area around the cruise port in Nassau (straw market, pirate museum, Government House, etc.) looks to be walkable, but beware of your surroundings - someone here posted a few weeks ago that they got mugged in what was a supposedly safe area.
  10. On the plus side though, on the train you can take pictures while moving more easily than trying to do so while driving. The Mrs. frowns upon me doing that. 😉 Book GoldStar class and you'll be in a glass-dome car with a view out both sides.
  11. What luck, congrats! I haven't flown Southwest, but I find Delta to be irritating when it comes to schedule changes. My return flight from Alaska was changed so my connection in Seattle decreased from 2.5 hours to less than an hour. The email gave the usual spiel that this makes me eligible to change or cancel without penalty, and to click through to see my options. And all the options they presented cost extra... (I know I can call to change for free, but I'd rather just wait and see. It's doable if the inbound flight is on time.) When my brother came home for Christmas a couple weeks ago, he found out his outbound flight had been discontinued a month earlier when he went to check in. They send an email when the schedule changes by 5 minutes, but they don't inform us of that, lol.
  12. I'll be on HAL departing Vancouver at 16:30 on 5/24. I've never been on a cruise before - is 16:30 the actual departure time or is it more like closing the door on a flight (after which there could still be ground delays)? I ask because after finishing grad school at UBC, my father worked at a paper mill in Powell River (about 75 miles up the coast from Vancouver, on the mainland side). It's not a big deal but I wouldn't mind seeing it in the daylight from the ship. The Wikipedia article on Noordam says 22 knots - that'd put us there in about 3 hours?
  13. I'll definitely be following...I knew I'd be going too early for everything to be open (June 1 through 5) but I was at least hoping to get to Eielson Visitor Center on a clear day to see Denali.
  14. I’m also a compulsive planner but would jump at a great last minute deal. I’d tell myself if I can’t find anything to do in advance, just enjoy the opportunity to relax (especially if it was a place I’d already been). And if I later find out I missed out on something, well, the alternative was not to go and thus miss out on all of it anyway.
  15. In answer to one of the OP's questions, I'd definitely avoid the weekend surrounding July 4 (Independence Day in the U.S.), along with the 4th Sunday in May (Memorial Day) and the first Monday in September (Labor Day). There's been a renewed interest in the parks here, and the popular ones are packed during holidays. Regarding the Denali transit buses, do you have to book these in advance? I've noticed the weather there is frequently cloudy, so I'd rather wait until I get there to decide what day we want to take the bus to Eielson Visitor Center to try to see the peak.
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